LISK (LSK) Going To Boom!

in trading •  9 months ago

Lisk is a great coin which has given us great trading opportunites and now it has completed the correction wave. There is a very important update about LISK is that its hard fork is coming on 20th which is going to be a big push to its prices. 

Daily Chart - Correction

My Targets

My target would be above $60 which would bring me to a profit of around 200% of its current price. As I already said the hard fork is going to be a big push to its prices. There is a huge possibility of its market to go about $200 but that would be my long long target. The $60 - $65 would be my target just for now.

Details of the FORK... :

It's Time For Some Good Music...



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I also have few Lisk. By reading this, I think, I should put much more in my bag.
Few advantages of LSK over other rival platforms which makes it even more fascinating:

  1. POS
  2. The number of transactions is more as compared to ETH.
  3. The most important thing - Lisk allows the developer to build applications in Javascript which is most used these days. This gives a better chances of getting best developers in the projects built on this platform. :)

You got it.

Good information
I like....


I agree. Lisk is looking very good right now.


You got it.

you have errors in the article.

You say that: a Lisk will have a hard fork!
it is not true.!!!
On February 20, Lisk Relaunch will take place.