Thank you for following me. You may want to do so also to be informed about when I launch my altcoin project. I claim to be working on a “Bitcoin killer” of sorts (not actually kill Bitcoin but something very important). I think I may have been one of the first to refer to that term “Bitcoin killer” at the discussion BCT ( forum. Our project will not be an ICO illegal security offering. It will be important for decentralized ledgers and disintermediating the centralized Internet behemoths.

My blog posts tend to cover topics: trading, economics, political science/social issues, computer science, analysis of other projects/technologies in the crypto arena, and of course my R&D on decentralized ledgers and marketing of them.

Pilchard/Gorillazilla here, Hope development is going well for you sah, I'd like to see a true cryptocurrency made that be part of the solution to getting this vampire squid off the face of humanity. I'd like to help in whatever way I can. I've sent you an email matey.

Unless you’re a programmer, there’s nothing you can do to help my project until we get closer to launch. Apologies I’m not replying on BCT because they banned me there for speaking out against illegal securities and similar outspokenness. Can you give me the first several characters of your email address so I can search my Inbox for your email?

Did this blog get posted as a new thread at the Economics -> Speculation forum at BCT? Someone should.

That'd be gorilla sah. Let me know if you find the email.