Trading Indicator #1 | what are Bollinger Bands

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Trading Indicator #1 what are Bollinger Bands

first part of Indicator Series, what i saw over last month, it could be useful for some

hello steem community,

today we are talking about BOLLINGER BANDS

  • what you can see
  • settings
  • some examples

as easy as simple

what you can see

BB consists in 3 moving bands, Upper- , Basis- (Mid-), and Lower-Band
BB it is an Indicator to see if market is over-bought/sold
in BB you can see trends for example stop of runing trend


with standard settings your good to go. not always you can improve sth with better settings, sometimes...

time period(lenght)

standard: 20
you can play with time period. +-3-5
shorter time periods result in more indication, for tight quick trading- but its inaccurate.
longer time periods stronger signals, more accurate

  • standard deviation

standard: 2
sometimes if there is alot of movement i like it to set on 3

  • source

standard: close
close price is valuable- i never changed that

  • Offset

standard: 0
you can set negativ/positive Offset for time delay in trading to fit smoother
it depends, standard: 0 is good to go, sometimes i like it to set -1


examples used BTC / USD (coinbase) all in last 1-2 month



actual example (today-13.09.2017)-all together

thanks for reading

thats the way iam using them for over 10 years now, iam shure thats not the official correct explanation, everyone should take a look into themselfs to get handy with

but i hope this was a useful first poke about Bollinger Bands. chart trading is risky

*** iam happy about every upvote and follower!***

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->re.steem tradingview series

what indicator you're interessted in next?

just comment

~| fluffy.blockchain

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yeah, thanks for your work;) crazy if you compare it with the prize right now^^