Chess & logic of the masses. EXPERIMENT

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Hi guys, I have simple idea to kind of proove the following statement:
Currency trading is irrational.

How I want to accomplish that?

My assuptions are quite simple.

  1. If trading is rational there is some logical way of trading.
  2. The definition of success is clear - we generate positive income.
  3. Traders represent different levels of trading skills.
  4. If you want to make money, you have to use some approach.

Now, what I am willing to do, I want us all to play a game of chess.

Game of chess is a rational process with an obvious goal.
Each of you represent a different level of understanding chess.

My goal is not to win the game with either side.
My goal is to see the flow of he game.
I want to asses the level of logical reasoning of the masses over the time the game is being played.

The rules are simple.
I start with the first move, which is e4.
You make comments including the next move you want to play.
Each day, the move with the biggest amount of upvotes wins.
We play the game till the end, either draw or mate.
Afterwards, the game will be analized by chess engines and the conclusion will be given.


You can learn, you can ask other people, do whatever it takes to give the best possible move in your opinion, but do not use any chess software until the game is over.
Of course, I know that some of you will break the above rule and that is even more interesting.

I will edit this post every day adding the next move with the biggest number of upvotes.


  1. e4 e5
  2. Bc4

PS. If you have any suggestions as for improving this experiment, feel free to give me a hint!!

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Guys please!
We need the second move!!
If nobody posts a move, I will have to do that and that would be bad for the experiment.
We have 3 hours and 38 min. (I am waiting for the next move until 00:00 CEST time).

No moves so far. Let it be that way.

  1. ... e5

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