Poloniex just beat up Bittrex in trading volume! (in less than 24h) — Steemit

Poloniex just beat up Bittrex in trading volume! (in less than 24h)

in trading •  2 years ago

In less than 24h after STEEM trading started on Poloniex, more trading is now happening on Poloniex than Bittrex! 

We have a new top exchange for STEEM! 


STEEM POWER my friends!

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Poloniex is there are many people, it will increase the volume.
STEEM is go beyond the ETH!!!

Things are moving full Steem ahead


Looking good for sure!

I am not surprised.

The more volume the better.

Steem is breaking record.


And it's just starting!


We might see eth volume fall in second place at some point that would be amazing!

vamos para la cimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I poloniex it will increase still so buy even ETH

Hey, We are new in cryptocurrency. would you advice us to go toward poloniex or bittrex when it comes to handle our steems in the future?

Poloniex is the #1 niche for traders, this only can bring a positive effect to the steem network!


It will! Next step Kraken! :)

It's going to new high and set the standard for other cryto currencies.


I think so too!


I totally agree with you bro, cheers ! 😁

Steem is the dream ! 🙏😁

Poloniex the place to be