VERITASEUM - The Easy Steps on How to Purchase Tokens from the EtherDelta Decentralized Exchange

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This is simply a way to show new users how to purchase Veritaseum easily. I am in no way giving you investing advice.

Veritaseum has been in circulation for a while and I was lucky enough to buy the token when it was a lot less than its current value.

I first heard of [VERI] when doing my morning rounds checking out new youtube videos to the users I subscribe to. The project seemed very interesting and I was quickly drawn into its unique direction.

After researching extensively I decided to buy some tokens. The problem was how the hell do I do that?

I swear some of these tokens are sent to earth to test how effective we can shape our learning curve in the positive without losing our cool and flipping out.

If you are fairly new to crypto you will find purchasing some tokens can be so frustrating it can lead to unusual behavior and you may need to take some chill pills.

Anyway I managed to figure out how to buy Veri but to be honest I think it was a fluke the first time.
I have since figured it out, so I wanted to make this video to make it as simple as possible for a new user to crypto to purchase any token they want from the EtherDelta Decentralized Exchange

In the video, i buy Etherium using my Coinbase account then create a MyEtherWallet and send the ETH from Coinbase to MyEtherWallet. I then connect MyEtherWallet to the EtherDelta Exchange and purchase the Veri. I then withdraw the Veri back into the wallet for storage.

Also just to let you know I prefer to use the actual Etherium core wallet with Mist and then have EtherDelta and MyEtherWallet and all other wallets connected with Mist, but the issue with that is you can only buy tokens you cant sell. So if you are wanting to buy and sell Veritaseum then you will have to use the web version of EtherDelta.

As a side note, i also have the ENS for ETH domains plugged into Mist which makes Mist your one stop shop.

Interesting new video made yesterday live streamed with the Founder Reggie Middleton

Veritaseum on Coinmarketcap

Veritaseum on Bitcointalk

PS. please don't comment this is a scam because by that logic so is every altcoin and token in circulation. If there is a community behind with reputable members on the team and it becomes useful, then it has a good chance to succeed. Many coins are called scams but they become useful. So lets see what happens with Veritaseum.
I made this video because it was difficult to buy any Token from EtherDelta unless someone shows you or you are tech savvy. I am only showing you how this can be acquired easily with some simple steps, so take it or leave it as you wish and don't take this as investment advice :)


The trading legend returns!

amazing your post..thank you for sharing.

You are Welcome :)

Definitely worth an upvoted and a resteem :]

Thanks! I want to buy some, but I am worried that I will lose it somehow due to an error on my part!

I've heard that the only reason Reggie Middleton started Veritaseum is the huge hype around ICO.
And this quote on his "Imagine Having the Keys to the Internet in 1994".
What more do you need to know...just give him all your money and continue readin of "useful" information)