Trading??? Erm... with Rusty Mind...

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Ok... if my siblings see me with this on my laptop, they would usually have the Malaysian tone...

Sure anot?

My dad never likes gambling, and he thinks trading is a gamble.

But with wisdom and a tiny capital to loose, like @bitrocker2020 always said, you got to pay your tution to learn.

So with a itsy bitsy tiny BTC that I have in my online (not paper) wallet, I placed something as little as 4USD to give this a try.

If you are curious what this site is, @elizacheng recommended me BitMex, and I think the plus point that attracted me was the low entry level and currently, no KYC needed.

With a lot of scam calls and data stealing, for something that is under trial and error phase, a site without KYC is optimum for me.

Of course, I must make sure that I do not keep a lot of coins inside.

So what are my targets at the moment?

To make Steem great, and to save up for a ticket (in case I never get a chance to win any tickets) this would probably be one of my main coins to look at. But of course BTC is going on strong and there were some dumps the last few hours which actually allows new investors a tiny window to join in the purchase.

Right now we know that BTC is still the strongest coin to look into, but when it drops it is an opportunity; while when it rises, it is time to make room for new buyers ...

So if there are ways to learn to make a tiny bit of increment with friends' help and advice, it could be a good time to just trial and error.

Probably not with STEEM as alt coins are being slaughtered at the moment, but maybe should look into stable coin to exchange against.

USDT looks like a good one... what do you think?

Which one would you trade around with BTC while it rises and falls healthily ?

ps: This is my old (lost and found) account, which I managed to retrieve my password after misplacing it for 1 year. @littlenewthings is my main account now; but this will be my account specially for commercial and charity use.

But this round I am trying out trading post :-p

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