[ Trading ] Bitcoin looking Bullish. Will we break the Double Top?

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Bitcoin made a great run the last week to $6500, twice! The big question is, will it break $6500 double top now? I think so.

I think we will see a relief rally, followed by another down move to support at $5800 - $6000ish. I do think this rally will top at below the previous higher low of $8250. We are still in bear market. Take care!

Here is the Chart Guys with his latest analysis:

Zukul Trading:

I am waiting for $6500 to break and my Martin Trend Indicator daily chart to go green. I will then switch on my trading bots again. It is going to be tight because I will have to switch off before the next downturn.

Do you think we will break this double top?

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Next target $7000 minimum, but we have a weekend on hand, so maybe only next week.


That is good enough for me. :)

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