[ Trading ] Bitcoin back above $6000, but for how long?

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The bulls were nowhere yesterday, and we did not see Bitcoin break $6500. Instead we went below $6000 to test $5900. Will we see an relieve rally now? Bitcoin is so weak, and everyone is so negative. Me included, sorry.

We cannot catch this falling knife we got to trade with the trend. And it is still down. There seems to be no end to the bottom. The Alts are bleeding big time. Look at Steem and ETH. Crazy stuff!!!

Looks like Tone Vays was right all along and he has been more right that wrong so far. I just want this bear market to get over with so we can trade Crypto up again. But I have no way to trade the down market, so I am waiting.

Here is Tone with his latest analysis:

My Zukul trading bot is on pause. It cannot trade on these long bear trends and small up trends. It is to risky. Even the Crypto to Crypto bot is not working.

Jeremy announced yesterday that he is going to ad a Binary Option bot. This will work in any market, but this sound more like gambling stuff.

I have renewed my Zukul membership, because you can still make money with the membership fees. You can join now in pre-launch, refer people and wait for this bear market to turn.

Are you trading this bear market? If you are, how are you making money?

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Thank you. :)

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Its crazy the amount of BTC on the market right now, i never thought the market would have so many weak hands especially considering the fact that people bought in at up to US 20k you would think there would be less liquidity or is this just whales starting to reduce their stake and bleed the market?

But is has happened before. Look at 2014. Bitcoin fell from $1174 to $154

Crazy Stuff! Incredible Volatility!

Thanks for being a blessing and sharing! Following YOU!!

Loads of sell orders and not many buying. Bitcoin is at risk seeing the same as what happened at ETH. If 5800 fails, we going way down too.

I wonder if the Alts will not recover first before Bitcoin? They are falling so much more than Bitcoin. Maybe that will reach the bottom first and new Bull market first?

Good Point, That May Indeed Happen!!

Great post man! and awesome tips about the Steem power!

Thank you for your support @semtroneum

Great Post Indeed!! Following YOU @semtroneum!!

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