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Get rewarded in steem for your correct prediction! 

Using Steemian collective thinking, we will place trades on cryptocurrencies. This will cost nothing and only takes a minute to contribute. Correctly predict the outcome of the trade (buy or sell) and a certain amount of steem will be given to you via the upliking of your comment.  This will happen in descending order from the first correct comment to give a higher percentage of the vote to the first users who participate.  As the community grows, the rewards will grow, due to funnelling any profits back into the steemit and growing the account.   

For the full explanation of the project, and the platform being used, you can look here, but I will run over the basics again.  

What is needed from you:

  1. Review the time frame chart, or the daily movement screenshot below.
  2. Make a decision using the chart, any fundamental information or just your gut feeling.
  3. Post a comment with the words 'Buy' or 'Sell' depending if you think the price will go up or down respectively.

This is all you need to do.  

The next currency I would like to offer up for the Wisdom of the  Steemians, is Ethereum Classic (ETC). Hopefully, we can get some participation and enter a trade.  The minimum threshhold to enter a trade is 25 comments. Hopefully we  can reach this, so please, bare with us if it doesn't happen on the  first few posts. We will definitely reward early participants for their enthusiasm, as we are not being shown much love at the moment.  

What will happen next:

  1. Buy and Sell comments will be counted and results posted.
  2. Trade will be executed ~24 hours from original post.
  3. Trade will be closed 1 week thereafter.

And it's as simple as that, just sit back and wait to be updated on the progress.  


Feel free to copy any trade made on the outcome of votes but be aware  that this is purely for experimental purposes. Click @CammyW to see all the trades that are made.    

A little disclaimer, obviously, if you choose to copy, only risk what you can afford to lose. This is not a sure thing and there is the strong possibility you will lose money. Who knows? I don't, thats what we are here to find out!  

Spread the Word

This experiment can only work with the teamwork and collective of  the community, if you like the idea please spread the word. Not only will this improve the results of the project but will also give others the opportunity to get in on the (potential) action too!   


Thank you.  

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This is a cool idea! How long have you been doing it for?

Also if it counts, my gut feeling says BUY


Thanks, it definitely does count! You are one of the first to realise this project, so thanks again! It started a week or so ago but has had little attention unfortunately. Any help to spread the word would be appreciated!

Great concept, I say Buy


Thank you! Hopefully we can get things moving soon.


Nice, that's it!

I think you should add a hlod decision😃. But for now, I think It's good to buy


Hahah! Believe me, I would hodl every time 😀 I have an account for that separated. This is more for a bit of fun. With cfd trading you can effectively bet on the price going up or down.

Buy but don't risk too much.


Thanks for the vote, we won't. $25 is the starting point. Any profit will be put back into steem

I'll put my vote in.



Thank you! Still time to get your vote in? Up or down (buy or sell)?