a lot of crypto is being discounted and deserves to be bought in the long run

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this post is not financial advice. this is just my opinion. all of your trading responsibility. Cryptocurrency trading carries a very high risk.

a lot of crypto is discounting right now and is worth buying for long-term storage. but in this post I will discuss just a few cryptos. namely holochain or what is often called hot. BTT, and Dogecoin.

especially for Dogecoin. I think a lot of people hate Dogecoin. many say this is a coin meme and very inappropriate to buy, and some say it is crazy coin, and such.

No need to hate, no need to hate crypto. our goal is only to take advantage of the trade. when crypto is cheap, that's when we buy. and now a lot of crypto prices are going down. now is the time to buy.

for Dogecoin, the high of the past few days was $ 0.79 and the current price was $ 0.53. but I do not recommend buying at current prices. you have to wait for the price to fall again to $ 0.47. this is a very good price to buy. and I think Dogecoin is great to buy in the long run.


This is because of Elon Muskmusk's tweet saying that Doge will be made a satellite to the moon next year. So all transactions will be done in space. I don't understand what it means.

the second is BTT. BTT has just experienced a sharp decline. from 0.0082 and now 0.0064. this is great to buy.

The third is holochain. hot recently also decreased from 0.017 down to 0.0128. so it is very good to buy at current prices.

I wish you a successful trading.Bold

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