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No I don’t personally know of Mencius Moldbug although I do know of him. I haven’t checked on Urbit progress lately. I am definitely perma-banned at

Did you dig into the links to the following posts about the future:


Thanks for reply and links. So why are you banned on bitcointalk - for political-philosophical reasons?

I read Nicholas Taleb, I like "Black Swan", using his terminology - Bitcoin was black swan which nobody expected. But by "Antifragility" I was disappointed a bit and didn't finish. I might return to it, as some of my friends recommend it a lot and anyway Taleb is erudite, reading him is not useless.
I also was disappointed that when Taleb came to my country he made paid lecture and met with exactly those people whom he calls "fragilista" and whom he despises. Also the cost of attending this lecture was higher than average monthly salary)) Small detail of course, but still I was bit disappointed.

In general your point of view and predictions looks reasonable, so I will follow your blog, I'm actually following it for a while, as well as "Dark Enlightenment" thread in BTT

They can never truly ban me:

How can anyone ban ideas.

Yeah the mathematical concept of antifragility seems a bit obvious to me, yet he did at least develop it formally. Agreed Taleb is very erudite (160 IQ also) and even learned several human languages, which is a feat I could never do (my SAT 580 verbal and 740 math).

Are you a programmer? If yes, please add me on LinkedIn. Find my contact info on my first Steemit blog post.

I added you on Linkedin (from real name, as flodner is pseudonym)
No, I'm not a programmer, I'm more into marketing and also started small blockchain and cryptocurrency media
Apart from that I'm interested and occasionally write about geopolitics and economics, and also novels/fiction.

I need programmers only. Sorry to say but attorneys, writers, marketers, graphic artists, etc are a “dime a dozen.” Become an engineer or quickly become irrelevant in the coming knowledge age.

I agree, but you also know the statistics how many people with leading positions in startups have limited or no engineering skills.
For me it's too late to be engineer, but there are so many other things to do in crypto, so I'm not sad about it.
What is your new project (if it's open information)? I might be just user of your software

You’re presumably referring to the Western debt bubble of startups that will disappear over the next decade.

The CEO of Intel was an engineer.

Startups run by people can’t do engineering such as Elon Musk will fail as Musk is failing when we return to a meritocracy over the next decade.

The leader of China is an engineer.

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