Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Trade (Profit Booked) Today : 22-Aug-2017

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Bitcoin came to our level of profit point and we booked all the profit 3X and now we are out of all positions with a nice profit from a trade block which started on 20-July-2017 with addition on 31-July-2017.

Here is todays chart... red line is the exit point which happened today... and green lines are entry points...

So, in total this trade was:

First entry (2X) was on 20-July-2017 at 2410

Second entry (1X) was on 31-July-2017 at 2830

Exit (3X) today, 22-Aug-2017 at 3822

Hence a profit of : (3 x 3822) -  (2 x 2410 + 1 x 2830) = 3816

So if you traded with a total of 3BTC (2BTC in the first and 1BTC in the second) then you would have made $3816 net.

If you traded with a total of 0.3BTC (0.2BTC in the first and 0.1BTC in the second) the you would have made $381.6 net.

If you traded with a total of 30BTC (20BTC in the first and 10BTC in the second) the you would have made $38160 net.

Remember, in the beginning keep the leverage at minimum that is 1:1 (all the above calculations are for a 1:1 leverage) and then after you are comfortable increase it to a max of 2.5:1... NEVER go beyond that.

Now that we are out of the trade, we will start to look to get a back with a buy trade (since for Bitcoin we are only doing long (buy) trades)... I will keep posting the day charts to indicate levels. 

Remember, don’t try to force a trade, always wait till market gives you a trade :-)

Previous Day:

Next Day:


Date (Buy) Buy Price Sell Price Date (Sell) Profit/Loss
20-Jul-2017 2410 3822 22-Aug-2017 1412
20-Jul-2017 2410 3822 22-Aug-2017 1412
31-Jul-2017 2830 3822 22-Aug-2017 992
Waiting 4502
Net 3816

DISCLAIMER: The above references are my personal opinion for information and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment or trading advice.  Seek a duly licensed professional for investment or trading advice.

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It will see a slight correction the upcoming days, but it wil most likely bounce back to 4000+ short after.
Thanks for posting :), very informative.


Hey @silent.screamer , thanks for writing in... I don’t predict the movement, just follow the market !!

Followed and upvoted. This is great analysis. Looking forward to future posts.


Thanks @shawnfishbit I will try and do it everyday... :-)

Good clean trading. What platform are you trading on? Bitfinex?


Yes trying out bitfinex right now... just shifted to btc/usd (in july), earlier was trading forex and futures... this is turning out to be good :-)