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In time past, there were no payment systems like MasterCard or Visa, just the banks but gradually they were invented thus making the payment of goods and services easy and can be initiated from any part of the world (although restrictions still exist); that is to say technological innovations keeps growing with each day coming up with new solutions so as to make the world a better place.
Today, in addition to VISA etc are Point-Of-Sale mobile payment systems, all in a bid to ensure an easy and convenient way of paying for goods and services.

Just like earlier stated that technological innovation keeps coming up; blockchain technology came to limelight. The beautiful thing about blockchain technology is that it can be incorporated into existing systems be it in healthcare, sports etc, all that is need is the team having the knowledge and experience to carry out such; which is why in the blockchain space today, it is constantly growing and becoming competitive while either leading to entirely new solutions or improvements of current conventional systems.
One of the features that made blockchain to gain limelight is its decentralized nature; that is, there is transparency in all dealings which then leads to trust and accountability.
Having all these in mind about blockchain led a team of experts from Dragon Infosec to create a blockchain network known as TEMTUM.

Temtum is built to be used in various systems or platforms such as online gaming, e-commerce, financial systems etc.
But for the purpose of today's discussion, I will be limited to Temtum in the financial systems and as such in the POS mobile payment systems.
As a start, It is qualified to say that, before Temtum were different blockchains and cryptocurrency platforms however attributable to the absence of speed, scalability and so on makes it (current blockchains) difficult to be received into mainstream payment systems which will be utilized by a great many individuals for their ordinary transactions.

Therefore with the advent of Temtum, it offers a cryptocurrency which will be a comprehensively favoured blockchain coin, thusly, setting new models in security, speed and so on. With all these, one thing is clear and that is, Temtum's coin is developed by an experienced team to be the most broadly utilized cryptocurrency on the planet attributable to the reality it will be incorporated into mainstream payment systems in this way being utilized by anyone in all aspects of the world.


Every platform created in the world which aims to grow will surely have goals and objectives which will direct the team to success. And same is with Temtum.

Temtum blockchain network aims to be the primary cryptocurrency that will be coordinated into payment systems along these lines accomplishing worldwide use in various ways. Thus, Temtum's team have created solutions for POS mobile payments which incorporates giving convenient purchasing process to consumers which can be through existing mobile or contactless payment networks. In addition, just as speed, security and scalability are very important in the blockchain space, Temtum's team offers these aforementioned highlights or features thus being in line with their goals of making Temtum network to be effortlessly used by users to spend their TEM (Temtum coin) in the existing systems. In as much as TEM will be used via existing payment systems, transparency will still be anchored.


The POS Mobile Payment System Will Be More Efficient With Temtum's Blockchain
While utilizing Temtum blockchain it is evident that speed, low resource requirements are guaranteed thus accommodating all users with low-end devices; that is to say, Temtum was developed to make it feasible for its users to use Temtum wallet during their purchases as simple as could reasonably be expected. These purchases will be done by means of Temtum's wallet however through existing payment systems like VISA while the vendor being referred to will get fiat cash; just like earlier stated, since Temtum blockchain is decentralized, transparency will be assured.

In addition, since Temtum blockchain is fast in nature, thus by utilizing Temtum, users will most likely carry out any purchases from any part on the planet, also every split bill payments are free and Immediate, as it takes Temtum about 12secs to confirm transactions.

Furthermore, one of the ways through which Temtum aims to achieve its goals of revolutionizing the POS payment systems is via using already existing technology without the need for any modifications; in this case, NFC technology which is found on smartphones. Thus, with this NFC technology, Temtum will easily Interact with current POS terminals which are constantly growing in every part of the world. The end result is the vendors won't realize that TEM cryptocurrency was utilized in light of the fact that they will get paid in fiat cash.


In the world today, only innovative platforms keep growing while lasting long term. Thus, Temtum's team believes that to keep a competitive advantage there is need to offer something which is found wanting in current blockchains. With this in mind, Temtum blockchain network was built to be quick, quantum secure, scalable while using low resources; in this way making it be effectively incorporated into existing payment systems.
Moreover, with Temtum being totally decentralized and by utilizing it in these current payment systems, all transaction information will be put away on its blockchain, thereby offering enhanced security to users.


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