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The benefits of carrying out crypto exchange activities through a trading terminal are quite obvious and overwhelming. Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are conventionally done by having an account on a preferred crypto exchange, and always executing the trades on that exchange with the account created. It’s worthy of note that many crypto exchanges are available for trading activities but one can only trade on one exchange at a time using the computer or any smart digital device. This situation isn’t very much efficient especially for those with multiple trading accounts on multiple exchanges because when a trader wants to execute trades in different exchanges in the same time interval, it becomes a Herculean task and boring experience for the trader to be switching between one window of the web browser and the other.

Crypto trading terminal is an application that allows crypto trading on different exchanges within the same time interval and on the same window. Trading terminals have made crypto trading so interesting and an enjoyable experience. Imagine a situation where a trader could easily switch between one account and the other in different exchanges all carried out on same window or interface of his computer device. But beyond the good trading experience being provided by crypto trading terminal, it’s still lacking in the area of financial motivation for its users. Motivating users of your service is a very sure way of retaining their loyalty and engagements, therefore it’s very pertinent for the implementation of rewarding/motivational activities on crypto trading terminals so as to spur up users to do more with these trading terminals.



The fun and flare associated with trading on different crypto exchanges from a single interface are highly unquantifiable. OneExBit is one of the numerous crypto trading terminals that provides traders with the ample opportunity to execute their trading activities on different exchanges using the same application interface. OneExBit trading terminal does not only concern itself with providing traders with the avenue on trading at different exchanges from the same application interface, OneExBit equally takes into consideration the reward or motivational package for its users or traders.

It is very obvious that a good reward or motivational package in a business platform goes a long way in encouraging the users of that business to engage themselves more in the services offered by the business platform. To this end, the OneExBit platform provides a motivational package that will enable its users to earn more rewards for themselves while using the OneExBit terminal trading platform.

The OneExBit terminal trading platform allows holders of its ONEX coin to run a masternode for block validation on its blockchain thereby earning rewards from the transaction validation outcome of the masternode. The users need not to do much in order to earn rewards from the masternode, because the masternode is usually a server that runs transaction validation processes 24 hours daily; therefore a user running this masternode enjoys the rewards accruing from the transaction validation actions of the masternode. The user running the masternode only needs to constantly maintain the masternode to ensure that it doesn’t go offline.

Traders using OneExBit trading terminal who wish to have extra income without much stress only need to have and stake some certain amount of their ONEX coin which is a requirement for running a masternode, then the coast will now be clear for the trader to earn rewards coming from the activities of that masternode.


The token of the platform is known as ONEX, this is the digital asset that fuels the earning of rewards on the OneExBit trading terminal through the ownership and maintenance of a masternode by any user or trader who has the required number of ONEX coins needed to be staked and thereafter awarded the right to own and maintain a masternode on the platform's (OneExBit) blockchain.









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