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Before getting involved with any platform, most people tend to look for easy reviews, which will guide them into knowing what they are getting involved with; that is, what the platform is all about etc.
The truth is, review makes it easy for investors or users who might be thinking of investing in any platform as it tends to point out many or to a great extent the aim of the platform, underlying benefits etc.

By taking the blockchain space as a case study, going down memory lane it will become clear that blockchain has come to stay as all the challenges which tried restricting it ended up strengthening it. This is true as in every corner of the internet today, there is something to say about blockchain technology, which might range from upcoming projects, News about blockchain achievements, market situations, new partnerships etc. Now one might ask what made all this possible? It is the advent of decentralization, use of smart contracts, decentralized applications and today, privacy-focused cryptocurrencies etc.

Talking about privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, it seems to be the latest trend in the blockchain space today and there have been huge interests from users for their accounts as well as transactions to be private as well as anonymous; this is what led to the first privacy coin known as Monero. Monero was followed by other privacy cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, Dash who believed there is more to offer in terms of privacy and anonymity. Just like it is in the world today, the shortcomings of Monero gave rise to others and so forth.

A study showed that Monero despite being decentralized and having good scalability still does not support smart contracts at the same time users are at risk of getting hacked or attacked. In the case of Zcash, irrespective of the fact it offers a good level of privacy, but by using Zero knowledge for encryption tends to make it inefficient as well as restricting its use case scenarios. Furthermore, despite Dash is simple to Implement as well as operate it too does not support smart contracts while it's reliance on third-party credibility of mixed-currency mechanism opens way for a certain level of risks.

Thus by looking at these shortcomings amidst advantages, led to the rise of SERO or SUPER ZERO.


Like earlier stated, to get involved with a platform, most investors or users tend to look for easy to access reviews as to why the platform is worthy of Investing.
Therefore, amidst all these limitations or shortcomings in current privacy blockchains, why is SERO different and worth the attention?
In simple terms, SERO is the solution to the shortcomings experienced in current privacy-focused cryptocurrencies; the review below explains more.


  1. SERO is certainly not like other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies owing to the fact its team have achieved a lot of research and development works in the field of privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, thus being the first blockchain system to achieve complete privacy protection of blockchains. This was made possible via the use of a technology or advancement known as Non-interactive Zero-knowledge proof.

  2. To further affirm that SERO team has really achieved a lot of research and development works; the team developed SERO to not only offer privacy protection of users account and transactions but to also support Turing complete smart contracts, thus making it possible for developers to easily and efficiently create their own encrypted cryptocurrencies which will, of course, be based on SERO Chain thereby supporting smart contracts too.

  3. SERO is developed to be used in many industries to ensure there is data protection. One of such use case scenarios is in the Medical health where it solves privacy problems while taking both patients and hospitals into account; thus with SERO, both insurance and pharmaceutical companies will be compliant while seeking relevant permission before using either patient's data or hospitals data.
    Another use case scenarios in the supply chain industry where SERO ensures exposure of trade secrets are taken care off, in the long run bringing the benefits and what blockchain offers to a greater number of people while setting the path to blockchain adoption.

  4. Another technology used by SERO's team is the advanced NIZK encryption algorithm. With this, SERO redesigned various protocols as well as the blockchain structure, thereby making the blockchain capable of offering privacy for Turing complete smart contracts, extending privacy protection to many applications scenarios at the same time protecting users from any attacks whatsoever. Also, with SERO leveraging NIZK encryption algorithm, it will succeed in offering more computational results.

  5. In the blockchain space today, scalability can't be taken for granted as it has limited most blockchains, thus SERO aims to ensure it offers scalable solutions. To achieve this, SERO uses an innovative solution which has a close resemblance with Ethereum's Plasma, thus offering high performance via the aid of multi-chain system in this way offering updates per second which will run into billions of levels. The advantage is this is, SERO will be able to take over centralized clusters while offering privacy protection for decentralized applications.

  6. Unlike in most blockchains where transactions details can be viewed by a third-party, SERO corrected this by making sure that transaction data are encrypted thus making it difficult for any third-party to know or access any details of the transaction.



SERO is different in all ramifications from existing privacy-focused cryptocurrencies owing to the level of advancement it has, which is in a bid to ensure privacy protection is achieved in all affairs of human endeavour. Thus one can't be mistaken for saying that SERO use case scenarios will keep increasing as its blockchain keeps improving.









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