Tradeqwik Pays Second TQS Divident, Brings Back SBD, Announces VIVA Cash and Increased VIVA Peg

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Tradeqwik paid the second dividend for TQS. This dividend will now be paid every Sunday night/Monday morning during the weekly maintenance cycle. A dividend you can count on that acts a bit like a multi-crypto faucet.

We are pleased to announce that Tradeqwik added SBD to its trading pairs and awarded its first 750 users one SBD each. Unlike the way SBD was treated before, where it was pegged to the US Dollar, this time it is a plain old cryptocurrency trading at market rate, which according to Coin Marketcap, is now 94 cents. What this means for all Steemit users is that you now have a clear and easy pathway to send your liquid earnings to Tradeqwik and trade them. You can trade them for VIVA, and then into STEEM, then send it back to Steemit to power up. You could also trade it into something else or keep it as VIVA. The latter option is one you will want to seriously consider. You'll see why in a bit. By tomorrow you will see a clear pathway for SBD deposits and withdrawals when logged into your Tradeqwik account. In the mean time, you can make an SBD deposit the same way you would make a STEEM deposit. Just be sure to use your VIVA ID in the deposit memo line.

Tradeqwik now offers trading of US Dollars, as vUSD. It currently shows as the VIVA/USD market pair. When you own 1 vUSD, you can always count on being able to trade it for one US Dollar's worth of VIVA.

VIVA Cash is launching as an alpha pilot program this week, so be on the lookout for it no later than Friday. When fully functional VIVA Cash will allow you to purchase US Dollars with your VIVA at any cash station and then send it to your friends and family by SMS text message. For now it will be available to VIVA Crown holders to test. If you would like to participate in this early stage you can work with a Crownholder or you can become a Crownholder yourself. You can trade your VIVA for Crowns on Tradeqwik. The going rate is currently 500 VIVA per Crown.

More big news: The VIVA Crownholders have overwhelmingly voted to increase the VIVA peg. It is currently $5.50 plus/minus ten percent for each VIVA. This will gradually be increased to the new peg over a 90 day period. This means that now is the time to buy VIVA. Remember those SBD earnings I mentioned earlier? If you wait, VIVA will be more expensive.

This also means it's time for a new contest. Guess the new VIVA peg. Obviously, if you are a VIVA Crownholder or otherwise already know the new peg you may not participate. Everyone else, have at it. If you hit it within 10 percent you will get an upvote.

Also, remember to check to see if @tradeqwik is following you. There are now 758 Tradeqwik customers and Tradeqwik is only following 99 of you, so if you're not included, then please don't be shy. Simply post your VIVA ID here and ask for a follow and you'll get it.

And with that, we now give you... (drum roll please!)... the numbers!

Trading fees collected last week (dividends paid)

VIVA CROWNS0.00131879

Customer funds now under Tradeqwik management

VIVA CROWNS4201.30090829

Not a Tradeqwik customer yet? Sign up. It's free to join.

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Cool stuff. Woke up today to see the first payout I was a part of. Turned my VIVA into TQS last week.

This is interesting... as I am looking for a trading platform nowadays other than Polo. Hmm.. I am just in a hurry for work today so I'll keep it in my favorites to check later. Upvoted and resteemed!

I'm guessing $7.50?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

this tradeqwik looks ready to keep climbing and making shareholders happy. Really great, really great. looking to pitch tent here.

This is all so interesting. Kind of a steep learning curve, but I think I'm starting to get it. I'll definitely be converting to TQS in a few days here.

One question though, and sorry if you already answered it here or elsewhere. I must've missed it. What does TQS stand for? Trade Qwik SURPRISE?


Trade Qwik Samplers?


TradeQwik Shares.

Cool! nice to read the good news that SBD were added! and more than excited about getting this weekly payment for my TQS.
My guess for new VIVA peg would be $5.65

The best part of waking up is dividends in your cup!


I couldn't agree more!

I just bought up a little more VIP and TQS this morning. I'll probably be sending over some STEEM in the very near future.


What does vip do? And on what interface does the crownholder vote for viva price peg happen? Basecamp? It is there penalty if a crownholder didn't participate?


Crown holder interaction happens on Basecamp, yes.

No penalty for not taking part, it's your choice to voice your opinion or not. This is not cast in stone, so maybe in future there will be a requirement to reach a quorum?

I gotta say I am really loving TQS and the Vivaconomy! What a fantastic place. I really look forward to future dividends and happy sailing. Keep on steemin on!

The Last Sage

Great news and nice to hear!
Upvoted =)

Thanks for the update! It's so cool to see so many balances go up all at once on my dashboard.

Oh, and am moving all my coins (mini tho they be) from Polo to @tradeqwik. Because... why wouldn't I?


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Thank you for all the wonderful information and the dividends. I am also excited about the increase of VIVA over the next 90 days.

Very cool!
I will be checking this out.

Thanks for sharing :)

Glad to see the announcement. As a crownholder I cannot guess the new peg, but I will be watching what the people are thinking it will be with interest.

Awesome post
Followed , upvoted

this is a good post. cool stuff @tradeqwik

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

These are amazing news! We waited long to see VIVAcash! I hope it will be available in Germany for testing.

This is amazing news!

I'm a crown holder and have seen on basecamp that new things were coming but I didn't know exactly what they would be. The VIVA team is making great progress at a nice steady pace.

Thanks for the TQS Dividend. I'm excited to hear about the VIVA peg increase. Good decision in my opinion. I'm very happy to be part of the VIVaconomy!

Oh ill be following this to see the guesses of the new viva peg! Can't wait to check out, great times are ahead of us!

Thanks for the update! To get a follow from you, what is my VIVA ID? I hope it isn't too obvious. I am in my account, but it isn't reaching out and grabbing me.


Go to the "manage funds" tab. Then click on STEEM. It will give you directions for how to make a STEEM deposit, including a long number to paste into the memo line. That is you VIVA ID. Post it here and you get a follow :)


here you go. 7754101960201176982


Followed :)


And here is mine: 7488652569349403942


Also, my guess for the new VIVA peg is $6.25


I found it. I figure this was also a good time to send some STEEM to you for a deposit to my tradeqwik account. I have done that also. My ID is 7862166029185734448. Thanks for everything and looking forward to all future posts.


Followed :)