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How many of you read the VIVA white paper and thought: "Been done before?"

Me neither.

At this time, and always, Tradeqwik is a key component of the VIVAconomy. In fact, right now Tradeqwik is the only VIVA mint in existence.

Tradeqwik is currently hard at work resolving a few unexpected glitches that ordinarily come up when you are forging a new path to create something that hasn't been created before.

VIP balances

In the VIVAconomy, each vivo has a VIP account that is to serve as a retirement savings account. Right now, those accounts are housed on Tradeqwik. At this time they are showing inaccurate balances. That issues is being worked on.

There also needs to be a way for a vivo to easily convert their VIVA into VIP. It would be a one to one conversion where you put some of your VIVA aside for retirement savings. That functionality is not quite there yet.

However if you do want to increase your VIP holdings there is a way to do it. Simply purchase a VTR off the market and then hold onto it for three months. VTRs are treasury rights which enable the mints (or mint as is the case now) to create new VIVA. Any VTRs which are not used for that purpose by the time new ones are issued simply sink into their holders' VIP accounts at an amount that is based on the demand for VIVA at the time. Although this is not a predictor of future earnings, the VTRs which converted to VIP at the end of July did so at a rate of 800 VIP per VTR. VTRs are currently for sale on the market at a little over 100 VIVA.

One thing to know about purchasing VTRs: You have to buy at least one. The platform will not support orders for fractional purchases. When you do buy one, the trading fee is deducted and you end up with 0.995 VTR. That trading fee does get refunded before the VTR converts, so you will end up with a whole one and it will convert to VIP as long as you do not have an outstanding sell order on it when it's time to convert it to VIP.

BTC and BTH wallets

Another issue we are working on nearly around the clock is that there are some problems with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallets. Your balance might not be accurate or a deposit or withdrawal you initiate may not post for a while. There is a support channel in Discord to deal with those issues. You are welcome to share any issues you have there.

Both the VIP balance and Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash wallet issues appear to be across the board, meaning that once the root issue is resolved, it should automatically correct for everyone. We will post an update when it does, and then if your balances are still not correct or something else isn't working for you, absolutely reach out.

We appreciate your patience and we are so excited to be blazing this new trail with you.

Tradeqwik is hiring

One final note: Tradeqwik is looking for a Chief Financial Officer. The job announcement is right here.

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We know you are working behind the scenes to correct problems. I sent an email to about another issue this morning, concerning depositing ETH into which has not gone through yet. Are you having problems with that? My VIVA ID is 7862166029185734448.


Go ahead and pursue it with support, but last I heard the ETH wallet still gives us fits from time to time.




You should email directly. I'm not certain the email server for tradeqwik is recovered from the maintenance cycle yet-


Thanks for the reply. I was wondering what was going on. I emailed a few times and nobody was responding. I will send him an email later tonight.

Thanks for the update and specifics! Y'all are breaking new ground, so a bumpy ride now and then is understandable. I appreciate the communication of the ongoing issues.

It is common to have little glitches when everything is so new. We all have faith that you will resolve these issues and things will be back to normal. Thank you everyone at TQ for everything you are doing to make things a success. Keep on steemin on!

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Thanks for the post.
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I enjoyed your post .. glad to see your post..
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Thank you

Thanks for the updates, and also for some commentary on how all these things work. Over the past couple weeks, I have brought in a handful of users over to the VIVA economy and I am working on a few more. ;)

Thanks for the update. We have faith in you.

Thanks for the update and its a shame these issues have popped up on such a great platform. I'm will to wait as I love everything about the vivaconomy.

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@tradeqwik Excellent, thank you ... trying to get caught up on all things Viva and tradeqwik !