Tradeqwik Announces Logo Contest Winner

in tradeqwik •  last year

Hallelujah! We have a logo!

The winner is @dudutaulois. He wrote an essay explaining his design.

We at Tradeqwik are excited to soon lose the shadowy figure profile icon and replace it with our amazing new logo.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our contest! Thank you for your patience as we encountered some delays before we could announce our winner! And thanks to @dudutaulois for submitting the winning entry! It is timely as we are right now in the process of redesigning our user interface to make your trading experience amazing.

We have lots of updates to share, and will do so in the next week or so. If you want to read them in real time, please head over to our Discord channel and join the conversation.

TradeQwik on Facebook
TradeQwik on Twitter
TradeQwik Discord Server

Not a Tradeqwik customer yet? Sign up. It's free to join.

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Wonderful! This is Totally Quool!


That also is nice Dean LOL

awesome!!! It's good to hear that TQ continue with these changes!

Looking forward to the redesign, really think it will help with onboarding. Did not realize there was a discord channel, just added it to my server list. :-)


One of the best discords! ;)


I agree, though a bit bittersweet at the moment. Just saw in chat that the tradequick steemit acct votes on posts from TQS holders?...ugh, I have held 13 TQS for more than 3 months. Reached out to the appropriate person on discord to get on board with that. Hope to hear a response soon.


Yes you are right scaredy! Hopefully it will work out for you! :)

Well chosen. Looks great!!!!!

Looks good. Congrats to @dudutaulois.

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Great job bro.go ahead

Well done!
Congrats, @dudutaulois!

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

Great of luck.go ahead bro.

Many many thanks for upvote our comments. @tradeqwik you are a great man.i salute you boss.go ahead.we are with you all of luck

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Great work everyone!

Hey, I did you stop upvoting posts ?
also, how does the mining on the website work ?

Thanks for turning this into a blog post. I remember this course really helped me out when you realised it a while back!!

Thanks for turning this into a blog post. I remember this course really helped me out when you realised it a while back!!

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Great post...thanks