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Tradeqwik is currently undergoing a major complex rennovation, which is why so much of it appears to be at a standstill. There is much work going on behind the scenes, however.

Have you ever decided to finally get started on a simple home improvement project, only to find out that before you could even start on it, you had to first complete three other projects? Then you start to work on one of those three projects and discover that you are missing a tool and some screws? So off you run to the hardware store to pick up the needed items, and then you come home to finally get going. But by then it's lunch time and you're hungry, so you grab a bite to eat. After lunch you get about halfway through project one and realize that you can't quite finish it without another tool... You finally finish up the three prerequisite projects, but by then it's dinner time. You're on a roll and ready to finally get into the original project, even without stopping to eat. But your family would really like you to spend time with them, and you know that's the right thing to do, and tomorrow is another day...

That's about how the various Tradeqwik renovation projects have gone down. Tearing into one component results in some discoveries about other components that need work at the coding level.

We're working through all the projects in the best order we can think of and it's taking some seriously focused time and effort.

Thankfully we are making progress. In fact we are on the verge of transitioning to a brand new wallet infrastructure. You can help us make that transition smooth and successful by refraining from attempting any deposits or withdrawals on Tradeqwik for the next 24 to 48 hours until the transition is complete. We'll let you know.

If you do try to make deposits and withdrawals now there is a high probability your funds will get stuck. We are working through previous stuck deposits and withdrawals and as soon as we are done with those we're going to deploy the new wallet infrastructure. We are confident you will like the new infrastructure and that it's worth waiting for.

Once the new infrastructure is deployed, we will re-enable wallets one coin at a time beginning with ETH and ending with BTC. You will have all new deposit addresses, so please be sure to log in and check them before you make that first deposit a couple days from now.

In the mean time, you are welcome to trade and mint all you want on Tradeqwik as those systems are working as expected.

We thank you for your support and patience as we work through our reconstruction project.

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Apologies about the title. I hit post before editing, and the title field was populated with the last article's title.

Any suggestions about what the title to this post really should be will receive a 5% upvote from Tradeqwik :)


Sausage making, Tradeqwik style?
You leave the repairman to his work, don't ya? Looking over our shoulder is gonna pad the bill.


Maybe delete the entire post and create a new post with the right title?


My suggestion would be "The Transition to a Brand New Wallet Infrastructure" or it could be simply titled "The Tradeqwik Transition".

Keep up the good work ! Some of us that have done complete restoration projects understand this completely. Most of us think all of you are doing a wonderful job ! Thank You

Thanks! good to hear that you are working on it, I have a Steem withdrawal pending, but waiting for TQ to be ready

I will say, This is a better improvement. Hope to see more of tradeqwik in the future. I also love the project viva is working on . its all awesome

@tradeqwik, just a suggestion. since the launch of utopian.io, i think making some part of the work an open source in github to enable other people to contribute to its development. I believe this will reduce the workload on the current dev team in tradeqwik

I hope the work is done before the first week of December is over.

I like and enjoyed your post ! Keep publishing interesting and informative articles.
Keep steeming. Cheers !!!

your write is good carry on

Great post @tradeqwik. I am proud to see your work.Thanks for sharing.

You might look at removing ya'lls votes from that comment i flagged.
It looks like a spammer.