Want to know the easy way to see if Tradeqwik follows you?

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Recently it was mentioned that @Tradeqwik would be following all VIVA Crown holders and that people should let them know if they had not been followed yet.

Being that I have a handy tool and am sometimes inclined to do a bit of shameless self promotion, I suggested people head on over to https://steem.makerwannabe.com/ (I am getting a domain soon, promise...) and see if they have been followed.

Not sure why it is so easy, herewith a guide to er, guide you.

Hit up the page


Put that url in your favourite browser, then change yoursteemitusernamehere with your... steemit username!

I grabbed an example, https://steem.makerwannabe.com/index.php?username=williambanks and here is what I got;



Now, hold down the Ctrl and f keys together, for Mac peeps it's Cmd and f (but then you knew that already, right?).
This should let you search within the current page.

On my browser (Chrome) I get an area near the top right to enter a search term in, looking like this;


All there is left to do is the hard task of typing in tradeqwik, hard work I know, try copy/pasting if you just can't do it!

If you get a result similar to the one below, where the text 'tradeqwik' is found and highlighted, then success!


The caviar, I mean caveat...

Regular visitors to the site may have noticed things have been a bit outdated recently. The massive increase in transactions and traffic have blindsided a few people, little old me included.

Due to technical issues the data has been out of date for about a day, good news is it's catching up though! At the time of writing this there is just over 30 hours of data still to import.

Chances are still good, that if you do not find Tradeqwik on your follow page that your are not being followed 👀 , yet.

Apologies for the inconvenience this setback has caused.

Not being followed? Theres a link for that!

Go here, https://steemit.com/tradeqwik/@tradeqwik/are-you-a-tradeqwik-customer-tradeqwik-wants-to-follow-you and read that post to find out how you can get a follow from @Tradeqwik

Easy as lemon juice!

Follow me!

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Nice tool

Excellent work!


Thanks! Appreciate the compliment 👍

niice post man ..
you have a good subjects and idea
continue... @shaunmza


Thanks, appreciate the comment!

I like lemon juice... makes lemonade.


Ha! I read this comment and thought 'What is this guy smoking?'

Then I remembered the little quip I left 🙃


Haha no worries. For the record, i love the script you wrote. For a while I had fluctuating followers and I was able to see what was going on and purge my "follow you, follow me then unfollow" spammers


Not what I meant it for originally, but I see that follow unfollow spam more often than i am happy with, so I am glad it's serving a purpose!

Thanks for the compliment 😀