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If, like me you would like an idea of what your TQS / VIP dividends are worth, you now have a dash where you can get that info! Just visit
Read on to see why.


The what

I created this dash to include some of the information I wanted to see. This includes the current USD and BTC price for my 'dust', as well as the approximate USD and BTC value of the holdings.

It makes use of the TradeQwik ( API

The how

You need to create an API key and make sure it has the 'List Balance' permission.

(This image has all the permissions checked, make sure to just select 'List Balances though!')

To use it create an API key on TQ, under 'Account settings', tick 'List Balance' ONLY and click save.
Now copy that API key and paste it into the text box on my page, click 'Load balances'
This will take a while...

I recommend you select 'Remove all zero balances' if you don't care about coins with zero balances. This prevents them from being added to the table and speeds things up immensely!

More how

All columns are sortable, click on column headings to sort.
You can hide 0 balances, if you brought them in.

For those who mint coins, William suggested his strategy was to mint the coins with the biggest dips, and destroy the ones with the biggest gains, so you have the 24h and 7 day price changes there too, for a quick reference as to which have recently seen good gains.

The values for your portfolio are approximations only, based on prices fetched from
These values do not represent any trades open or closed on TradeQwik at all!


Remember, API key must have the 'List Balances' permission only, as a safety measure for the paranoid.

The who

Not the band, but you and me!
I built this because I wanted to see more clearly what I had on TradeQwik and what it was worth.
You are free to use it too, bear in mind I just finished it and don't really plan on expanding it much further 😉

Not on TradeQwik? Sign up at and see what all the fuss is about!

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This is great @shaunmza



This is so cool!

I'm definitely going to give this a try when I get an opportunity this afternoon. Resteeming!



Thanks for creating this, it is really helpful! Will use it from now on.


Awesome, it is very beta, so expect it to break at some point :)

looking a lot better than the original :) they should hire you to make the exchange look better


That's cheeky :D

Keep in mind I had a blank slate, I think making ui changes in TQ's system is a painful error prone procedure.

Thanks for the compliment!

Very helpful! It automates some of the calculations I had been doing manually or by spreadsheet. Thanks for this!!


I did not event try work things out, too many coins!

@shaunmza fyi, this tqdash is broken. It hasn't been working for about a week and a half.


Right now Tradeqwik is in limbo, with users funds stuck and accusations that Viva was a scam.

I have no intention of fixing anything that is broken unless all the issues are cleared up.

I trust you will understand that I spent a great deal of time on it and do not want to waste any more of my time.

Thank you !!


My pleasure, hope it helps.

Trying to learn as much about tradeqwik but there seems to be no starter guide to this. The exchange has so much to offer but all the info is scattered.

This is great! I have also come across some other gold mine of yours! You have yourself a follower. Best wishes! - @splendorhub

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I do agree to a point but also i believe in diversification

what is any new referrals allowed?


It's an exchange, there are no referrals but you can sign up now