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One of the biggest problems facing the cryptocurrency space is security issues. Since recent years, so many cryptocurrency exchanges has experience different types of cyber attacks, but the case of mt.Gox cryptocurrency exchange back in 2014 was so devastating that it raised security awareness by other exchanges. For this reasons, traditional traders are scared of trading cryptocurrencies.

Exchange 💱

Exchanges are online platforms where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies meet to buy and sell (trading) cryptocurrency.

Security measures put in place by exchanges

Two Factor Authentication

2FA authentication security is a type of protection against cyber hackers by means of a required token which is only known by the user in addition to their username and password. The 2FA verification token are regenerated every login attempt which is sent to the users email address or telephone number.

AES Security

Advance Encryption Stand is a block cryptographic cipher algorithm that is responsible for protecting sensitive information by encrypting and descripting them when needed.

All common cryptocurrency exchanges such as "coincheck" which was hacked recently all depends only on the above listed security measures, given hackers the time to attempt various attacks without getting noticed. A flagship new cryptocurrency exchange which I will be introducing to you in this post solves this problem, giving traditional traders the courage to trade cryptocurrencies with maximum security like no other. Come with me as I introduce to you[Image Source: image] is a cryptocurrency exchange which combines the safe trading of digital currencies, forex, and traditional assets all in one platform. In order for to achieve a safe and secured crypto trading platform in addition to the above discussed security measures, hired world class security personnels that are highly trained to constantly monitor the security of the platform 24/7 both internally (backend) and externally (frontend). The team will continually (non-stop) carry out intensive risk, accessment venurability test and code review which will be base on international known standard such as NIST frame work.
Below is a message from head of security, assuring the safety of users funds.

“We are using innovative industry-leading technologies to detect, protect and respond quickly to cyber events. We have a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity field as well as deep and strong connections in the industry that allows us to consult, review and test relevancy of cybersecurity technologies continuously. We are treating cyber defence as an ongoing process and integrating it in all of the development and business activities.” - Ari Propper source

24/7 Quick customer service

In addition to highly secured platform, they put in place a 24/7 customer service that is swift in response. This will be of help when her customer faces any security challenge unlike other exchanges that takes days to respond to customers queries. special offer is currently offering a "Zero Fee Trading" until the 1st of October 2018 to all her users and anticipating users. Registration is free for all, no deposit fee, no withdrawal fee, no taker fee and no marker fee until 1st October 2018.

Liquidity pool shares the profits made daily with her users on a 50:50 ratio. All users have to do is stake 2,500 TIOs token or more in the liquidity pool to partake in this profit distribution.

Customize Layout

Unlike other exchanges with a fixed layout, the trading platform is customizable with cool widgets. You can customize it base on your preference and to enhance and suit your trading experience.

Conclusion is the most secure exchange which combines the commonly used methods of security by other exchanges in addition to a 24/7 surveillance by worldclass security experts around the globe. cuts no edge when it comes to security as the security of their users fund is their top priority. Official Web Links

Try trading on the exchange as we take zero commissions until October 1st


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