$130,000 to be given by kratos, find out how!

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Trade.io is one of the leading and most innovative exchange platforms out there currently, it has so far been my favorite place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies because I find the interface easy to use, I find the entire system quite fluid and useful for me.

Kratos platform

But this post isn't really about trade.io but rather about a very small, very easy to overlook token called Kratos. The Kratos blockchain project that is looking to disrupt and improve the physical commodities trading market by using blockchain technology to improve on the aspects that are slow and inefficient.

One of the problems that we often have to deal with in the space is the fact that verification and transparency alongside trust issues come up every day.

What Kratos has done is they have improved on certain aspects of this market by employing blockchain technology to improve efficiency, to improve transparency, reduce the number of intermediaries needed in any trade and improve the overall trust system using smart contracts and techniques that the Ethereum blockchain provides.

Directly from their website,

KRATOS™ is a blockchain based platform connecting all participants across the commodities ecosystem 24x7 globally.

The concept protects buyers, sellers, traders, banks, insurance and logistics from fraudulent transactions and other unwarranted trade risks, thereby significantly transforming and enhancing international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle.

You can watch the video below for more information.

Kratos + trade.io trading contest!

On the 23rd of January to the first of February, trade.io will be hosting a trading competition of the Kratos token, also known as ktos tokens this trading competition is currently worth $130000 and will involve the distribution of 1 million ktos tokens.

As with any other trading competition, the rule is quite simple. You trade the highest amount of ktos tokens, and you win token straight to your wallet on trade.io.

The amazing thing about this competition, however, is the fact that everyone is basically a winner. As long as you're in the top 100 most traded volume on the ktos trading competition, then you are eligible to win something from the competition.

The breakdown of the reward distribution as well as how to get started in the competition is given below.

How to participate

You need to have an account with trade.io in order to participate.
Head over to trade.io, register on the platform. Once there, buy some ktos token and start trading.

Despite it being only a day left, if you're able to trade throughout the day and have a very high amount of volume and probably use a large number of tokens, well then you may be able to come out as a top 100 participant, possibly top 10 as well.

The rules of the competition make it very easy for anyone to come in at any time and still be one of the top people in the competition.

There are also several terms and conditions governing the competition that should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid disqualification.

Terms and conditions

  1. You're automatically integrated into the competition by buying and trading ktos tokens.
  2. Trade.io can cancel or change the rules of the competition at any time.
  3. Wash trading will not be counted as the constitute fake volumes. Anyone suspected of engaging in wash trading or general market manipulation by bots or otherwise can and will be disqualified by trade.io.
  4. Only properly executed buy and sell orders are counted.
  5. Rewards will be released two weeks after the competition.
  6. KTOS token's USD equivalent is based on the end of ICO price and not the current market average.

Reward structure

PositionKTOS reward
1st place200,000ktos
2nd-3rd place70,000ktos
4th-10th place35,000ktos
11th-20th place20,000ktos
21st-50th place5000ktos
51st-80th place1500ktos
81st to 100th place1000ktos

Everyone wins basically.


Some helpful links that may serve you more information.
competition link
twitter handle
official tweet
support line


Disclaimer:This is not a financial advice. Please do you own research before investing in cryptocurrencies or any digital asset. This blog post is done for entertainment and knowledge purpose only.

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