Why crypto has to be easy and fun for the next 100 million users

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“Never strife to be NUMBER ONE in what you do. Always try to be the ONLY ONE that does what you do.”

I’m a firm believer in knowing your own strengths and use those to build a business you’ll love. It will guarantee one thing: your point of view and obsession (some call it stubbornness) will open doors to new solutions.

When you compete, you’re influenced heavily by other competitors. The great pitfall here is that you’re adopting their paradigms. So, stop competing and start using your strengths to add value in a way only you know how. The value that only you know exists. We know this as the Blue Ocean Strategy, which I love.

We know it’s possible to create whole new playing field others didn’t know existed.

Others create technical products that are hard to use
Our competitors are so focused on using tech that they forget to add value. They’re fixing issues that are relevant right now but lose their eye on the issues that are important to the next 100 million users. We’ve seen companies that are so busy building tech instead of a solution. Their solutions fix technical problems but no real-life issues.

Just go to any crypto conference and you’ll hear terms like ‘blockchain’, ‘decentralized’, ‘democratized’, etc. Of course, we use these terms too, but we know that these are just the building blocks and not the end goal.

These technical terms cover important pain points for the current traders, who are used to exchanges like Binance and GDAX. These are NOT the biggest pain points for the ‘regular’ people. The ‘regular’ people are the ones who want to get familiar with digital currency but don’t want the technical burden that comes along with it.

The next 100 million users don’t care about your tech
We use the best practices in crypto but we combine it into a lovable and easy product for the next 100 million users.

The next 100 million users demand the following:

Please give me something easy to use.
Please make on-boarding simple. I’m busy.
I don’t want all those long registration screens. Why on earth do you need my phone number for a trial? I usually don’t do this on the first date.
I want to become fluent in the world of digital currency. I feel I lack certain skills to become a full financial master mind.
I just want to make money and don’t bother me with your tech shit. Talk to me like a human, nerd.
I really don’t care about what you techies call all those details. I just want to earn more so I can make my dreams come true.
So why are we the unicorns people are looking for?

We keep an ear on the streets.
We actually talk to the next 100 million users.
Their wishes, dreams and concerns about their (financial) future are our guiding light. These are the factors that have more priority than the tech side of things.
We have a highly specialized technical team to make sure their digital assets are safe and protected. Even though we focus on the user experience, we have the staff capacity and in-house knowledge to cover all technical aspects.
People who are new to crypto suffer from information overload and its lack of educational structure.
We’re crafting an easy to understand educational program with step by step guides.
We’ve seen ‘scammy’ ICO’s and learned from their mistakes. Fast money doesn’t exist and we’re not promising that.
What we CAN promise is that we’ll give you the tools and skills to become a financial mastermind.
We are in a constant relationship with regulators to make sure we are not an ‘underground crypto party’. We aim for a long-term relationship with our users AND the big financial players (banks and governments).
We’re convinced that a long-term vision can only be executed by being a legal and well-organized company that can protect your most valuable assets.
As you can see, software and technology are just one part of the whole equation. At Tradebits we’re stunned at seeing our competitors devaluating themselves by being old-fashioned crypto players. With old-fashioned, we mean: focusing on the tech.

To become a mature product and add value to improve people’s lives, you need to step out of the office and speak to regulators such as banks and governments. Get away from your computer and talk to real people (our end users) to feel their pain and dream their dreams.

By keeping a close relationship with regulators and real people we become more than just a crypto company. We are a company that takes digital currency from the ‘underground image’ it has right now and put it in a positive light. We are a company that takes digital currency from ‘something for techies’ and make a lovable product that young and old people can use and love.

The next 100 million users will use digital currency as a means to make their dreams come true. We listen to their dreams and craft a beautiful and easy product for them.

About Tradebits
Headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, Tradebits is building the digital currency trading platform for the next 100 million users. It is the most high-performance, flexible and reliable digital currency exchange platform, capable of scaling and handling an unparalleled number of users and transactions per second and adaptable to the skill level of any trader.

Tradebits uses the same principles that power and secure the world’s most demanding stock exchanges. One of Tradebits’ hallmark features its configurability to match the sophistication level of every cryptocurrency trader. Users of the exchange will have access to 24x7 live customer service as well as a myriad of 3rd party trading apps and resources through the Tradebits Marketplace. Tradebits gives back to its community by using 40% of all trading fees for the continuous purchase of XBITS tokens across various exchanges to generate upward price pressure.

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Author: This article was written by our ‘yet to be disclosed’ VP of Product at Tradebits #StealthLife #ExchangeDisruption #crypto #unicorn #tradebits

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