Trading Mistakes

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Today I will share some mistakes done by new traders. This will help you a lot if you are new trader.

1. Don't use Sl:

Many people don't use sl or stop loss which should be kept at every trade. Running trade without sl is like a driving car without break..

2. Control Emotion:

Many new traders don't control their emotion while trade. Suppose we see Btc bull run and when we see small up we take high leverage and go for long. But Market keeps going down.

3. High Leverage:

Many people take high risk. Though it can give you high reward but it can loose your trade also badly.

4. Putting all money in one trade:

Many people think that market will go up or down and they think they are right. So they put all money on that trade. But noting is 100% sure. Market can take your money if you are greedy.

5. Don't trade:

Sometimes it is good to not trade. take some rest and wait for golden opportunity. Market will give chance every time and you have to pick it up at right time.

6. Not doing analysis:

Some people don't learn technical analysis. But its requires practice also. Use demo trading first and you will improve.

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