How to Trade in Forex Markets?

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How to trade on Forex- We learned a lot about Forex. Demo account opened. Now we'll start the trade. You can discuss how we can open a trade by opening this trade.

After logging into Meta-trader account, you will see this screen.


To open a trade on EURUSD double click on the EURUSD from the "Market Watch" window.


A window like the one below will open. Click on "BUY" if you want to buy EURUSD.


A trade like below will open. Due to the spread, the trade will open in some laces.


To set Stop loss or Take profit, double click on SL or TP.


A window will open. From there you can set Stop Los and Tech Profit.


See Stop Los and Tech Profit set. Trade will be close to the price at the price.


The trade is now at $ 1 profit. Now your equity is $ 5001, but the balance is $ 5000. If you close the trade, your balance will be $ 5001 If the SL / TP price goes on, the trade will be lonely close. But if you want to close it now, double click on the profit.

You will see a window open to close the trade. Click the yellow close button.


Trade $ 1 profit has closed.


Now your new balance is $ 5001


That's all for today ....

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