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I would like to understand the trade deal that was announced today.

What I mean by that is the actual content of the deal.

I.e. what did the US and China agree to do.

Best response or link to the same wins the bounty.

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It looks like they are rushing the deal to meet the Dec. 15 deadline. No actual paper is written and neither countries have signed anything. Verbal agreement on trade deal, but no written document with any detail substance.
The guess on what the trade deal entails is based on President Trump's twits:

  • Dec. 15 tariffs are cancel.
  • Reduce existing tariffs
  • Yet keeping some tariffs to use as leverage for phase 2 negotiations.

Also based on President Trump's comments the China has agreed to:

  • Purchase US agricultural goods of $200 billion.
  • China to make structural changes regarding intellectual properties (ip)

US and China Confirm Agreement on Phase 1 Trade

US and China Interim Trade Deal

Great comment.

Thanks for sharing those links @mawit07

Great comment.

Thanks for sharing those links @mawit07

Until they release the 86 page official report, this is the closest I've seen to actual specifics mentioned at this time, although that could change:


Hard not to agree with you.

Thanks for sharing those link @evernoticethat
Cheers, Piotr

  ·  last month (edited)

CNN Business: Video in the link
Stocks whipsawed following news of a US-China trade deal

Global News: Video in the link
U.S. agrees to suspend tariffs on Chinese goods in trade deal: sources

CNN Politics
Trump and China confirm agreement on 'phase one' trade deal

On Twitter, Trump said some tariffs on Chinese goods would remain at 25% and said other tariffs would be reduced. He said a new round of tariffs set to take effect on Sunday would be canceled.
And he said negotiations over the next round of tariffs would begin immediately, and not after the 2020 election.
"This is an amazing deal for all. Thank you!" Trump wrote.

Great comment @rentmoney

Thanks for sharing those links

Remember how the trade war progressively increased in the past two years? Pauses, talks, and increases.

Now its a rollback just in time for the 2020 election. Pauses, talks, and decreases.

However, it seems most of the current tariffs won't ever get reduced entirely, and the real deals yet to be made (I suspect) is on intellectual property, tech, and the likes.

It's very vague now.

Indeed. It's all about those upcoming elections @btcmillennial

I'm also very curious if China will follow any sort of agreement (I kind of hardly doubt so). I think they will continue to do whatever they did and at the same time US authorities will announce "great deal" (which would help them in upcoming elections).


They agree to blame each other for when both economies come to a screeching halt.

The trade war progressively increased in the past two years now it seems like there is some deal but actual no paper is written and neither countries have signed anything. I think we still have a long way

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Hey @knircky,
I saw a lot of responses with different links and opinions here.

Do you know what I think?
No matter what the official in the mainstream media propagated opinion is - there is something else behind it.
Here is my own conspiracy theory - perhaps I'm not alone with it but I did not read about it before simply because I do not dive into these conspiracy theories any more (I did years ago).

Trump is a - more or less successful - business man.
All he cares about is his own bank account growing.
If he tweets that there might be a deal, stock exchanges go up and he made sure before his tweet he got his call options on the right stocks.
When he tweets there is a deal, he bought even more call options.
Before he tweets, there will be no deal, he buys put options.

I have not a single proof of this but this man can make the stock-exchanges move into one or the other direction with a single tweet.

What would you do as a businessman with so much power?!?

Have a nice weekend and


Really I thought Trump is president because he is a nice guy?


I think these treaties can be described as Chinese victory. The US administration and Trump stepped back. The customs duty increase was canceled.

I think more agriculture purchase is a win for trump as well as this is his base of voters that benefits. So I think it is a bit more nuanced.

The Tariffs would also have been bad for him as it would cut into GDP and that would be bad for the stock market and that would. be bad for re-election.

Key Points

U.S. and Chinese officials announced on Friday that the U.S. and China had finally agreed to the phase one agreement after a contentious 18-month trade war.
China agreed to billions of dollars in agricultural purchases from the U.S., while President Donald Trump vowed not to pursue a new round of tariffs set for Sunday.
The world’s two largest economies plan to sign the partial accord in the first week of January.

This came directly from the source cited.(https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/15/us-trade-representative-says-trade-deal-is-totally-done-and-will-double-exports-to-china-in-two-years.html)

Dear @knircky

I wasn't aware that they did actually come to some agreement. Interesting. Will google it in a moment and see what I can understand out of it.

I'm also very curious if China will follow any sort of agreement (I kind of hardly doubt so). I think they will continue to do whatever they did and at the same time US authorities will announce "great deal" (which would help them in upcoming elections).

What's your impression about current deal?


@knircky, In my opinion the whole subject is surrounding around the Tariff Rates. I think that Trade Relationships between US and China is not that good so at this moment nothing is clear.

While reading about it, got to know that still there is no Official Confirmation details of it so for now it's falling under the category of assumptions.

But hope and wish that everything will going to settle down for good and peace. Global Trade Wars are not a healthy sign for the World.

When there is no clarity towards particular deals and aspects then it raises lot of questions and declarations on the basis of doubts are not good.

For sure World is looking towards this Deal and news channels and media outlets capturing every version. So let's see when clarity and official statements will arrive.

Have a blessful time ahead.

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