Happy Birthday Greetings Contest. "Win 10 SBD"

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Hello happy steemians! Today is my first day to make a contest on this platform that aims to make other steemians in order to remain enthusiastic and confident of success. This contest I will give a prize of 10 SBD only for the 2 best people who were selected as winners.


Contest Criteria:
Make a brief but interesting narrative with the theme "My Happy Birthday Wishes @teukurahmatakbar". To embellish your writing, I allow you to take one of my photos to edit as well as possible after your ability. Make the narrative as good as possible so you can make me admire your speech. The winner is at my judgment right.

The prize:
Place 1 = 6,000 SBD
2nd Winner = 4,000 SBD

Rule # 1 = Resteem and upvote this post, and tag #tracontest at the start so your entry can be seen / found!
Rule # 2 = Please take my photo on my other post for your edit. Permission to embellish my photo has got full permission.
Rule # 3 = Only one post per user.
Rule # 4 = Convey in your post source you get contest information by putting my posting link.


The deadline for all submissions must be submitted within 7 days after this post is submitted on this platform. The winners will be announced on February 20th to coincide with my birth date.

Thank You For those who participated in this contest. Good luck

BANNER copy.jpg


Bereh. Lanjutkan :)

Hehehe trimong geunaseh adun. 😊

Bereh, teuku... akan ta coba ile.... hehehe

Jroh, terimong geunaseh brader. Silahkan di coba

Sekalian hbd tgk Menyerahan hadiah

Benar, selamat mencoba kontes ini.

How if just Vote, but not enterely as contestant...

thank you for upvote, if you allow the gift, follow the instructions above.

Lg hadir tgk rahmat. Khahha

Selamat mengikuti kontes tgk fikar. 😊

Mantap mesti ta coba nyoe. Hehe

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