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step 1.

I am going to share my favourite track for the day (which is essentially irrelevant but I just like sharing music haha!! - and you HAVE to listen to it :P because I TOTALLY have a way to gauge that lol)

step 2.

You share YOUR best track for the day in the comments.

step 3.

The track I like the most gets 2 SBI

step 4.

And if I am in a particularly good mood,
the second and third favourites may get 1 SBI each as well :)

The winning selection/s will be made at any time within the 7 day curation period of the relevant post


My #TrackofTheDay is - JUNGLE, TASH SULTANA


and my winning selection from the previous post is from @bidesign


Apologies, I purchased one share accidentally and then purchased another one shortly after. You are welcome to check my wallet for reference.






Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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An unusual take on the original that becomes very addictive - more cavasa :D


Have always love the original of this! and have to say, I think I like this one even more! Great share!

Yay, you're doing these again!

Here's a song that I've had stuck in my head for months, hopefully the same will happen to you now ;) Elderbrook - Capricorn

Happy new year from Thailand!!!


DAMN MAN!!! can you stop choosing such AWESOME tracks lol - I cant keeping making you winner hahahahaha!!! LOVE IT!!!!




Never heard of them, really nice sound!

Hi @jaynie Hope your Holiday was great! here is my song. (DO NOT enter me to win. I just want to post this song) 😊


Lovely song to start the year on!


oh man!!!!! This is one of my FAVS! well... sorry but cannot guarantee that I wont give the win to you because this is a classic!


I love this song so much! It never ceases to amaze me though, how FEW people have allowed the lyrics to penetrate re. what the story is all about, and the saddest thing of all to my mind - is that in todays world, these lyrics ring true all too often and parents could and should do themselves and their kids a favour and LISTEN!!! GREAT share @blockurator xxx

I hope you like French...


only 3 seconds in and I already like it!


It's an amazing tune. 😃

So much going on in your track!

I am going with an oldie! I love the guitars and the full-throated singing as well as the throwback to the Vietnam war time.


Nothing beats the classics!!!!! Love this track!!! And I am quite blown away this round at how many AWESOME classics were shared... its almost as everyone was "in sync" for the same party haha!!!

Very cool @jaynie

I love the build up of all the different sounds and nice voice too.

Here's my offering today:

A massive anthem from my teenage years that the band have recreated beautifully. Morton has clearly still got it. Enjoy.



LOVED THIS!!!! One of my all time favourite tracks and this was such a beautiful version!

Impressed :)

I somehow associated it with one of my recent faves:

Down Under by Men At Work


Wow, so many LOVED classics coming out in this round!!!!!! LOVE IT!

Un gran saludo.
Este tema de Sia me encanta y lo adoro. De ella me gustan todas sus canciones pero el día de hoy escogí este. Birt Set tema encantador.


I am a HUUUUUGE Sia fan!!!! Loved this!!!!

Never heard of Tash Sultana, but what a phenomenal one-person show! With all those pedals and looping-tracks, all artfully incorporated, no other musicians were necessary! Wow! 💙

Here is a catchy EDM vocal dance track that I like:

And here is some info about iio if interested:


iiO (pronounced "eye-oh") was a New York City-based dance music act composed of singer and songwriter Nadia Ali and record producer Markus Moser. The group gained prominence for its 2001 single, "Rapture", which reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Following the success of "Rapture", iiO released several singles and the studio album, Poetica in 2005. The album reached number 17 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart.


Well, hello there, @wikitextbot 😁


I had never heard of her either @thekittygirl - until last night. @wales was looking for a song he shared with me some time back and when I went to find the link, found it and listened to it again - SHE (and that track) was what came up afterward....

OH WOW!!!! What an AWESOME version! The original of this has and ALWAYS will be one of my ALL time favourites!!!!! AWESOME SHARE! xxx

Music to cruise with, hope you enjoy!


oooooh that was VERY cool!!!!!! something totally different but I really loved it!

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head in over a week. I haven't seen the movie (can't handle dramas/depressing movies) but this song is STUCK!


@byn LOVE this track! Also haven't seen the movie but DAMN have the tracks FROM it been making themselves "ever present" lately, which says a LOT in my mind!

This was another one posted by @kaerpediem on one of my previous posts which I also fell in love with...

I have always had MASSIVE respect for artists like Lady Gaga, Sia and Miley - DESPITE how the public opinion. They all came with a STRONG message of their own characters and they made DAMN sure the world would listen! and then... once the world shut up and did that... then they started to sing with their TRUE voices!


Oh dear. That one really made me cry. So SO powerful! And I totally agree about the strong women doing their own thing. It is amazing watching the progression of these artists!

Again, something completely different. This is the last song of an album 2 of my friends made a couple of years ago.

This one has been stuck in my head all day. Here, now it's your turn.


aaaah!!! have not heard this song in years! Such a beautiful track!!!!


I'm glad you like it. I had to get it out of my head somehow. :-)


I used to love sitting and listening to this album. Great song.


I love how certain tracks bring back the memories. :-)


Yeah. Bruce Hornsby appealed to me because I grew up listening to country music, bluegrass, and the like. When I was able to choose my own kind of music, I gravitated toward classic rock and the alternative pop that was the 1980s. New Wave, punk, hard rock, etc. Bruce Hornsby had his own style, a good mix of bluegrass and pop rock. I hoped he would go on and hit it big. Since the first album, his success has been moderate. Probably mostly regional. But I liked his style.


You sound like you know his stuff pretty well. I can't think of anything other than this song that I know of his. It's always kind of sad when a band you really like doesn't do as well as you want them to. I have a favorite band that only ever made one album. Sad face, but at least I have that 1 album! :-)


This was my favorite.


Nice! He's got such a smooth voice. :-)

'Sweet by Psycho' by Ava Max:

An old Green Day song off of Dookie, and a great song when you are frustrated and pissed off.


Also a newer, uncensored performance

Great ones I Will drop by tomorrow fora song of mine bedtime now and I need to vote some more😉

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