"Moov now™" not synchronizing

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It's been a month since I purchased a "Moov now™ " motion tracker. My main objective is to use it for swimming, but I also use it for speed walking, circuit training and sometimes for boxing.


"Moov Now™" has a couple of days that is not in sync.


I click the button to synchronize it, and everything seems to be correct, my phone starts syncing but when I look at the data it is completely flat, as if I didn't move myself not even walking and the status of the Daily achievements says last synced at Aug 10, couple of days ago. With this I can deduce that battery is good on my phone as well on my moov tracker, and also that the Bluetooth communication is also working, the only issue is the data is not moving from my moov tracker to my phone.

I tried to close the application and execute it again, maybe is something wrong with the app, also I took the battery out of my moov tracker to try to reset it but those were efforts without success.

Then it was when I remembered that Aug 10 I was going to swim, I started the sync for swimming and the "start workout", left my phone on my locker and went to the swimming pool, when I arrived it was closed due to maintenance, so I returned to my locker picked up my phone and canceled the workout, it send some notifications but yeah yeah yeah, cancel everything.

The swimming workout is different on the app from other workouts: before you go to the pool it syncs all your data and then starts recording, it records for about two hours or when you stop the recording by syncing your activity when you return from the swimming pool.


"Moov Now™" has a couple of days that is not in sync. because the last swimming sync. was canceled.


As the last sync of the swimming workout was not completed, moov tracker stayed like in unstable or pending status.


I went to start the swimming workout again, it told me that I have pending data to sync and if that I wanted to sync. I did the sync for the swimming workout and after that everything started to work as normal. My data of those days were lost, but it doesn't matter if it is working as usual again.


I didn't give too much credit to this tracker at the beginning, I always thought about the inconveniences of it, like there is no way to have a lap count in real time, you get all your feedback information after you finish your swimming workout; or the way to track minutes instead of steps when walking. But when I notice it was not synchronizing, I started to notice all benefits I get from it and started to give it more value:

  • When I go out of the swimming pool, I get all the feedback about my workout, the number of laps, elapsed time, SWOLF index, etc.
  • Very detailed information about each lap, lap time, turn time, strokes etc.
  • When I do the brisk walking workout, cadence, range of motion, impact score, pace, elevation, calories burned etc.
  • When boxing I would like to have two of them to feel the complete experience, so probably I purchase another one in the future


  1. https://welcome.moov.cc/