Let's learn c # together { Introduction to programming in Visual C # }

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Introduction to programming in Visual C #

When the VS Express program is run, “Start Page gelir appears first. From here we can create a new project or open an existing project again with the 2012 version of Visual Basic, C # and C ++ languages

by selecting any project we can create.

VS Express Program Interface

  1. Toolbox: Here are the objects we can use to place on the form. We can drag and drop the desired object and place it on the form.
  2. Solution Explorer: All files in our project are listed here. For example, the form part or code part of our project can be found here.
  3. Properties Panel: If any of the objects on the form is selected, the properties of that object are listed here. For example, many features such as the name, width, color of a text box can be set here.

Creating a New Project

Opening a new project to develop a desktop application in Visual Studio is as follows:

  • Click the New Project command on the Start Page or File menu.
  • The language to be used is selected from the left part of the incoming window. (We will use Visual C # language)
  • On the right side, the type of project we will create is selected. Since we will develop a Windows desktop application, our choice will be Windows Forms Application.
  • The section under the window is the section where the name of the project and where it will be saved is determined.
  • In the Name section, the name of our project (also called Solution) is determined.
  • In the Location section, the folder in which our project will be saved is determined.

Why is everything on windows so complicated?
You needed 2 posts to explain how to set up visual studio, whereas in linux you could start right away by typing a simple command in your terminal to compile or run a program.

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