Incredible Invention of My Genious Friend (English/Türkçe) Dahi Arkadaşımın İnanılmaz İcadı :D :D :D

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Dahi kardeşimiz Fatih'ten asrın icadı: Ayarlanabilir Ocak. :D

My genious friend Fatih, made a technologic revolution by inventing a new kind of cooking system: Adoptable cooking grate. We can cook in unflat pots over it. After this technological revolution, our picnics will never be the same again. :D :D :D

In the below pictures we see the great inventor of our age, Fatih Mutlu. He is proudly using his great invention. We can see the great wisdom squirting from his genious brain. :)

All upvotes are for great inventor Fatih Mutlu, and for his great invention.




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