The incredible friendship between a child and a cute dog

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The story of Buddy and his loyal friend Reagan, adopted for 11 months.


Adoptive Buddy, 3 years old, and his closest friend, Reagan, make a book to support a foster family organization! The fabulous duo do everything together: banyu, sleep, shopping, swinging on the swing ...

  1. Adoptive Buddy and cute labradoodle breed Reagan, famous in Instagram.


  1. And now they are making a book to support the foster family organization.


  1. "It was supposed to tell Reagan and the little Buddy's moving, real story," says Buddyn's grandmother.


  1. This cute duo is doing everything together.


  1. There are photographs taken daily from the time they first met in the book.


  1. The first cute dog Reagan adopted.


  1. Then Buddy was adopted.


  1. And since then, these two have never left.








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