I'm thinking about leaving Steemit

in #tr3 years ago

I do not know what to do I do not have an excuse I fall in love to be successful I have always been an obstacle to be successful I said no, but I do not what I do not unfortunately there is a system in this world, there is no external person who does not host the system is very bad you will not do what you will not do the system will not allow the real owners will fall back as you progress nobody will believe it, but the situation

'm very sorry I got into this situation with great excitement here but there is no excitement my heart is broken down without warning I'm down to direct level without success I have this system of men in this system I want to rise as I complain about spam doing everything on the site I do not have words but people are very cruel

Many people are getting promoted by charging the site bot, then these boots are flagged as spam

A lot of friends gave me support all thanks thank you for supporting me I have gone back now

I think about leaving here


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