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Hello Steemit I want to make a family donation campaign. I see a family whose situation is not good in the neighborhood and I want to help them in such a painful way and I want to help them with future support

I do not know what comes from my hand, but I wanted to write here, maybe someone will help out, after all we will lose nothing but to raise a key, but they will win a lot

I am a person who loves to help but I feel sorry for anything, I feel sorry for the situation of this family, I want to see the happiness of their children miserable children are miserable if you give me support, I want to help these children and I show you this help and share my happiness with children

If you need to do just raise this article you can send a donation to yada little thing for us if the trend is big help collect

I will share every help I make with you



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Salam afendem
I have resteemed many of your posts.
I like turkey and turkish people.
I was a stager mohandisi before 30 years back in konya. I am chemical engineer trained in turkey in citosan.konya.
I like your way of thinking. So i steemed many posts plus 3 posts as per your fees from your blog
I am sad to see your reputation only 7.
No problem just keep posting good staff and you pass to level 50 soon. Do not worry....

Ha ha ha i was level 54 and they diwnvoted me to level 40... and still posting


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Tebrikler, ülkemin koca yürekli insanı

You are welcome.

You are very welcome.

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