It's been 3 years since I did my last post.

in #tpot2 years ago

Wow.... truly time flies..

It's been three years since I published my last blog on Steemit. It feels like it was just yesterday. We were all so excited about this platform and the community was so vibrant. It was a chaos around here. Community discussion, events, contests, whale wars and alliances was a daily agenda.

SBD touching 22$ was another hallmark achievement. Although, that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Anyway, it seems like a lot has changed here. The communities have taken over, the trending blogs are no longer in excess of 200$. Not sure if that's the interesting part.

@Tpot Steemit's one of the major community here and on discord have been dormant as well during this time period.

Let's revive, let's bring back our good old days. Are you up?


Welcome back bro... nice se you again

Thank man. :)

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