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In recent times, the global economy has seen a massive positive surge and this is all thanks to entrepreneurs who develop businesses that offer vital services to the general populace. Entrepreneurs usually start as a Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) which are usually small scaled businesses that have renounced ideals but who are basically looking for funds to promote and grow their business.
For Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and startups, one of the major setbacks they face is the issue of finding potentials who believe in their project and are also willing to invest in their business venture. But however, the TOZEX PLATFORM has set in place well detailed processes and concepts that will ensure that startup ventures and SMEs have an easy access to potential investors who are very willing to invest in their venture in the form of crytocurrency.

The tozex platform is a platform, which majorly operates with the basic concept of the blockchain technology system to ensure that there is a concept or process which as to facilitate the tokenisation of the current economy in a confined ecosystem for all stakeholders. The general aim of the platform is to align the interest of entrepreneurs, investors as well as traders and to usher them in into an ecosystem that is transparent and fully regulated.
As a blockchain technology based system, the platform will harness the power of smart contracts as a trustless third party to handle the management as well as the issuance of token which will in return be maintained and managed by an open source library. In a nutshell, one can easily understand the TOZEX PLATFORM to be a platform that basically promotes fundraising events for SMEs by helping them raise capitals for their ventures using blockchain technology system.



The TOZEX PLATFORM ecosystem is basically a reliable as well as a transparent and also user-friendly platform which is designed to provide unique services like: issuing of token, trading as well as financing. Having said this, it is thus important to note that the tozex platform ecosystem revolves around 3 ( three) main characters;

    They are the major characters of the tozex platform and with the tozex platform, entrepreneurs will be able to launch cryptoasset fundraising campaigns like ICOs, STO and also a new concept that will be developed by the platform which is the BRO concept. With the platform, users can also be able to create more awareness for their projects with the aid of the tozex platform. Also with the tozex platform, they can also create cryptoassets which will posses a liquid market that is sustainable.

    Investors on the tozex platform are the main individuals who basically promote basic start ups and in return will get investment values that have real life values. Etc.

    Traders will also enjoy certain benefits on the tozex platform, and the includes: A multi-signature deposit wallet designed to keep their assets safe, an exclusive opportunity to enable them trade new cryptoassets on the platform, Information about the general market in respect to trading charts, reports etc.

The basic features which a platform posses are vital in playing role to ensure that the platform stands out from the other platforms, while ensuring that the platform achieves their basic missions. Some of the features that will ensure that the tozex platform delivers topnotch services to their clients includes:

    What the tokenpad does is that it initiates as well as facilitates the utilisation of blockchain technology system for the purpose of issuing tokens. With the tokenpad, SMEs or startups can develop their own tokens and after which the can initiate a fundraiser campaign on the tozex platform whereby they promise investors a fraction of their platform's token for a stipulated price and in return for investors, they have a chance to own a token with real life value.
    NB: for users who are willing to use the services the tozex platform in terms of token generation, it is thus paramount to understand that after generating the token, the next step is fundraisers after which the project will be submitted to the tozex platform committee for proper scrutiny before the token can be listed on tozex.

    Easy accessibility and navigation within a platform is very essential in keeping users engaged on the said platform. Having understood this, the tozex platform will basically ensure that their platform will be very easy for users to navigate it's features so as to improve user experience without any form of negligence in terms of platform security.

    With smart contracts protocol, the tozex platform will be able to proper secure the platform, as well as manage issuance of tokens which will be properly maintained by an open source library.

    With the decentralised exchange order book which will be incorporated in the tozex platform, the platform will be able to handle the issue of manipulations of cryptoasset which is a major setback certain traders face while trading in certain platforms. Some exchanges manipulates price orders making it more attractive for traders and then end up overhauling. But with the decentralised order book, there will not b any manipulation of trade orders in any way.

As earlier said, the tozex platform basically aid startup projects or SMEs raise funds for the expansion of their projects using blockchain technology system. And for the fundraiser for startup projects, the tozex platform have quite a few models for users to choose from. Though it all depends on the type of project the users are promoting. The fundraiser models includes: ICOs, STOs and BROs concept.

  • ICOs: The acronym ICO basically stands for Initial Coin Offering and in recent years, a lot of projects have used this model to raise funds for their projects due to the fact that it can reach a more wider audience without any boundary restrictions and it also has it's differences from the other models.
  • STO: The acronym "STO" stands for " Security Token Offering" and it majorly is for companies or entrepreneurs who offer basic tokens that are basically analogous to securities like bonds and equities. STO directly improves liquidity while also raising funds from investors in traditional compliant manner.
  • BRO: The BRO concept is the new fundraiser campaign which will be developed by the tozex platform and this model will be designed in such way that only those who fully believe in a project based on its long term benefits will be able to invest in the said projects as the model those not create a space for brewing bad faiths towards the project. The model's basic aim is to resolve the issue of pump and dump phenomenon conversant with most projects.

The tozex platform will develop a utility token which will bear the acronym TOZ and it will be an Erc-20 compatible token and will therefore fufill all basic utility functions on the tozex platform.


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