RIP iPhone 5, Hello X... Let's Take Some Sharp Steemfest Selfies! 😎

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A technology that by chance gains an early lead in adoption may eventually 'corner the market' of potential adopters, with the other technologies becoming locked out. - W. Brian Arthur

Before signing up to Steem in July 2016, I had actually never been an early adopter of any new technology.

I've furthermore considered it being a sweet understatement to use an immemorial smartphone in order to connect myself with one of the most advanced blockchains in the world.

If you addionally took into consideration that I have a terribly lousy internet connection, one might ask how I am even able to create contemporary content on a daily basis.

After five years of deep friendship, today my iPhone 5 finally decided to pass away.

The timing couldn't actually be much better, since I will travel to Steemfest with a brandnew device now - wooop wooop!

Get ready for that high-definition selfie, @ned 😁

@surfermarly saying goodbye to her vintage phone and welcoming the new one

Picture or it didn't happen.

Those of you who've been already here in November 2017, will remember that during and after Steemfest our blockchain is flooded with captures and stories from the big event.

Monetizing reports from @steemfest is actually a great way to at least partly refinance the invest. Depending from where you travel to Krákow, you can easly spend 1,500$ in flights, accomodation and the conference ticket.

Now by purchasing the iPhone X I just added another -1K to my recent spendings which kinda makes me sweat a bit right now.

Hopefully the new phone will last another five years, hehe

So if you gonna attend Steemfest³: Get yourself prepared for a selfie session with me! 😊

See you soon.

Much love,
Marly -

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Original content. Pictures taken with my (OMG) iPhone X.


Woohoo... Lets to a Lot of wefies

Haha, yeah let's do this! :-)

It’s a superb phone! Love it myself

Aaah, awesome! Then I can get some first hand insider tips on how to perfectly leverage the new device from you at Steemfest :-))
See you next week (so cool)!!

I'll find you for a selfie, just hope my ugly mug doesn't break your lens!🤣😂


Haha, I would want to give it a shot - or two anyways :-D

I hope you have a good case for it!

RIP iPhone 5s :(

So I guess I'll have the oldest phone at Steem Fest, I hope it lasts until afterwards!

Selfie bowling session :D

Don't have a case yet, you know I like taking risks..:-D

YES, selfie bowling session with @starkerz, wooop wooop! :-)

I couldn't trust myself not to wrap a 1k gadget in a case, get it done!

A fellow Brit on the team, so if we both disappear, you know where we'll be 🍺 🍺 😀 😀

Omg I have my iPhone X in a TANK of a case. @surfermarly... I’m gonna side with Asher on this one! Protect that gorgeous phone! 😉


What case is it? I have an otter box defender, it's a beast!

Hahah that might be what I have. It’s some kind of Otter Box that I’m pretty sure is meant for industrial use. 😂

That sounds like it :D

Good for industry and clumsy people like me. Every time I dropped one it smashed, even from stupid heights. The Otterbox has kept this one safe for years :D

I’m a known phone killer... so getting an industrial case was a no brainer for me. 😅

Hahaha, you forget that Germans and beer are inseparable. We are kinda born into those barrels, like Obelix falling into the magic potion - lol.

I may consider getting a case - and the insurance in case it fells into one of those beer mugs, haha

Yes I'm aware of the drinking prowess of the Germans - they like a beer or 3 for sure!

Consider.... and go buy one tomorrow. When it falls out of your pocket cause you are jumping around after 3 strikes in a row, you'll be happy it was enclosed :D

count in the Belgian here... we are a nation of beer and the writer of Asterix was belgian as well...
Looking forward to toasting with both of you

Oh you'll be there! Awesome. See you next week :-)

Big plus for the Belgians!!! ;-)
And yessir, we know our beers! ;-) schol! 🍻

Oooh so fun!! I have an iPhone X and LOVE it!! Such a game changer for making content!

Portrait mode makes me feel like a real photographer! Hahah

If you have any questions on using your new phone - I can totally help in Poland! 😎

That sounds awesome, Lea!!! And of course I'd like to apply for that little X lesson in Krákow, hehe :-))
Btw where can I get such a monster case you and Asher were talking about? I'll definitely go check the local shops on the weekend in order to find something I can protect the phone with on my trip.

Only 6 days to go, OMG!! :-)

Good decision @surfermarly. I used to have an Android til I discovered iPhone and never looked back.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Oh, I totally second your point, Ken!
I guess there is no way back. If you don't have the iPhone, you don't have the iPhone - haha :-)

Woaah! iPhone 5 to iPhone X. Such upgrade! I hope you will make full use of it during the SteemFest 2018. Looking forward to all the jazzy pictures. Btw keep it covered and handle with care. Sensitive piece to have ;-)

Haha, totally! It felt as if I was upgrading from a Commodore 64 to IBM's Summit :-D
You are the second person here recommending me to buy a case, so I guess I will really consider it.
Stay tuned for the steemy reports from Krákow, hehe :-)

Awww man! The Oneplus 6T literally just got released like 2 days ago. Way better than the X at lower price point.

-Sincerely, Oneplus fanboy

I've always been one of Apple's marketing victims, what can i say...🤷😃

Do I see you at Steemfest again??

Ah man.. I wont be going this year. :(

You will see @bitrocker2020, @joannewong, @aaronleang and @elizacheng though! Hope you have a blast in Krakow!

👌 See you soon @surfermarly... 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

I’m jealous!! I’m thinking about upgrading, they want $1300 for the max version! 😞😂

Posted using Partiko iOS

You marketing victim!!! :-D

Awesome phone! 📞

OK. Noted. Will get ready and smile for your selfie... 😉😎

Posted using Partiko Android

Hehe, awesome!! :-)

Great new photos with that X... your content will look that much better now with such a good camera on your phone :)

Oh yes, that's totally the plan!! It often happend to me in the past that i took a picture from a really nice scenery but then the quality of the result was totally disappointing - especially when there was not enough daylight involved. I'm really hoping to considerably improve the quality of photography shared in my blog.

So probably we all gonna benefit from the upgrade :-)

Wowww beautiful selfie

Thank you :-))

@surfermarly, beautiful as usual. Steem and Surf On Dude!

Thanks for the flowers @runridefly :-) Today we have a bank holiday, so I'll be most likely catching some waves during the day, hehe

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Yup, the iPhone X selfy DOES look better!!! ;-)
Enjoy Steemfest!!!