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Ample time before the day ends and the fairies call for my dream state... Oops, reading the clock wrong; Should've already been in bed! But what about the flow till this Friday?

the day we gonna rock the #technofriday tag to the moon!

Music is in order. What better artist than my fellow country guy, Speedy J? One of my most favourite artist in the scene. Loved his life acts in the late 90s, early 20s. Been travelling frequently to places he performed. The longest distance was about 900 kilometres. A performance in Münich Germany, as part of the CLR tour weekender that started in Chemnitz on Friday, went to Bingen (Palazzo) on Saturday and finished on the Sunday in the southern German city.

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When starting to prepare this article, I was sure I would share with you his all night long recording at EDLX x Dystopian, but then I saw his DGTL recording I never really listened. Now listening for almost an hour, I had to change my mind... DGTL 2018 it is for tonight!


Press Play Below


Artist: Speedy J
Year: 2018
Country: Netherlands

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I've been at his party in Venlo in 2013 and NYE in Rotterdam 2017, following him for years :)
worth to know

Oww super! He is one of those who will stay forever!

my fav from him is krekc. have it 3x on vinyl

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Thats is indeed a very good one; Have the Loudboxer CD! Cool you have it on vinyl!