StarCraft 2 Tournament updated. Only 8 Spots remain !! Win SBD Prizes!!

in tournament •  last year


Two more players have confermedthere spots with me. Who will be the opponants for the first round. The Prize pool will be generated through the SBD recieved from all the tournament posts. I WANT TO GIVE GOOD Prizes, So help me out with upvotes! If you want to perticapate in this tournament Please leave your steemit name and your Battlenet server name with the 5 didget number below in a comment. You may also give the same info over Discord but if i do not know you and cannot add you for the tournament.



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I totally want in on this, downloading StarCraft2 now, grew up on StarCraft the 1st one but never had the chance to play the 2nd one lol, very good at RTS games and would enjoy the challenge. Need to put in some practice to get use to it again :) cant wait!!


alright, sounds good. when you get on battlenet. let me know your name. then i will put you on the ladder.


you already got my name man have you on my friends list in battlenet, been going over some things and just getting my stratigy down, a lot of new units in StarCraft 2 that im not use to

Hello Friend This is My First Comment And Vote On Your Post. I lIke Your Writing Style And You Are A great Writer. thanks For Writing This Post And Please Add Me In Your Tree My 5 Digit Name Is Minds nand steemit blogg @mindsmania

Link please


link to what ?


Link for following turnament


the tournament is happening right here. that is why I am asking for battlenet names, I will get replays when the games are done and make posts commentating on them.

wow happy to hear about your progress..wish you best of luck in the future :)


did you wish to secure a spot for yourself ?

so happy to be a part of this thanks @stray

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