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Life is a journey, now, but differently. Life is not important, important or not meaningful.

Ruthless years, the characteristics of the elderly has laid a deep imprint on the body, lingering, but can be called namely lei. Health is more important than any wealth. When I dare to challenge the rain collapse of the trip, I had to give myself a point of praise years ago, not even think about whether success does not care too much.1.jpg
I like to travel, the beautiful scenery on the way makes me intoxicated, on the way hard can hone the will. Although not perfect, it can live a little more wonderful.
Take action, don't let a wish become a regret.
Zhangzhou port of the trip is as follows: (the scene on the way) - Obama beauty - who's black - and - dam dam - Xishuangbanna - double Gang county - Dali - Lijiang - Shanghai sell lake - the town of Shek Kwu - tiger leaping gorge Shangri-la - west when the rain collapse - temple - Dali - return.
The place names in the journey are just symbols. The real feeling is on the way. The journey was difficult, and I felt more tired than going to Tibet. It may have something to do with the sideway I took. The more beautiful the place, the more difficult the road

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