What people thinks about Verge 13 September 2018

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2018-09-13 18:14:49

RT @verge: Apple discontinues iPhone X and the last iPhones with headphone jacks https://t.co/YnkpLSoGGZ https://t.co/VN52eVTcYb


2018-09-13 18:14:46

That @verge gaming PC build vid deserves the flak and constructive criticism it's receiving but much of the YT tech… https://t.co/2wxsgpRvQF


2018-09-13 18:14:44

@BPS_Customs @GamersNexus @verge I didn't even watch this far into the video. I missed the finale


2018-09-13 18:14:42

@NagataLockII @verge The dongle is wack. So was the removal of the headphone jack. The issue with the iphone8 is al… https://t.co/MabUqqofjG


2018-09-13 18:14:41

Everything you need to know about Europe’s new copyright directive https://t.co/OHMIOxlXSv https://t.co/ZR8zGezwJN


2018-09-13 18:14:38

I’ve literally just finished paying £££’s for my iPhone X. I feel totally cheated, I realise this is… https://t.co/S19J99BbfH


2018-09-13 18:14:36

RT @osahwv21: Fuck man I’m tired of faking a fucking smile when I’m on verge of breaking down


2018-09-13 18:14:32

#vergecast @verge @backlon @reckless @futurepaul iPhone Xr costs $1000 in Europe, India and China! The take home he… https://t.co/1epdKaukDJ


2018-09-13 18:14:26

RT @mikerugnetta: Go to Mars already jfc https://t.co/w540mjw48I


2018-09-13 18:14:17

How to build a custom PC for gaming, editing or coding - The Verge https://t.co/cw5nhK0cLx via @GoogleNews

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