The Steem Transactions Highscore Board #tothemillion

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@samupaha is currently pushing his project #tothemillion and requested a website on that shows the highest amount of transactions processed in 24 hours.

Hello Steemians!

I’ve created a "Highscore Board” that shows the number of Transactions in the last 24 hours.


The page can be found at and is hosted at one of my Docker-Clusters. Due to some technical reasons I only provide an AAAA record (IPv6).

What is the background behind this project?

Let me start with a quote from @samupaha that should give you a good background on this topic:

Soon the Steem blockchain will reach million transactions in a day!

My current Steem marketing project is #tothemillion. We are getting very >close to Steem processing million transactions in a day. Steem is already >world's most used blockchain when measured in processed transactions >and hitting the million will be a huge milestone. That's something we >should make use of in marketing – this is a chance we get only once!

I've been wondering how to get involved in this. I've >messaged @andrarchy in, no answer so far. @zurvanic doesn't >even seem to be there and I have no idea how to contact him. We need >Steemit's help with this, at least a press release is required. Also a post >from @steemitblog would help quite a lot to make everybody aware of this >achievement when it happens.

Original Post by @samupaha

Beside that post @samupaha also asked on for some help to implement a kind of highscore page that shows only the important information. So as you may know, I am also the creator of SteemJ and started to do some multi-threading tests with SteemJ some weeks ago. In those tests I’ve started to scan the whole blockchain to collect some specific information and present them through a REST-API. With this prototype on my desktop it was clear to me that I may could help quite fast.

Feedback is welcome

I still get some great input from @samupaha, but it may be a good idea to collect also some other opinions. Let us know what do you think about the idea in general and what should be improved on the page. Thanks in advice! =)


For those who are interested in the technical stuff, here is a short overview of the architecture:

The Data-Collector

This is a small Java-Application including the latest SteemJ version. Each process is scanning the chain for new blocks and processes them. The results are stored in a MySQL database using Hibernate.

The Backend

The Backend is a Java-Application too, with an Embedded Tomcat inside. If you want to know how to do that you could read my tutorial series here on Steemit. The Backend is connected to the MySQL database and provides the data through a REST-Interface.

The Frontend

The frontend is based on AngularJS and simply shows the data provided by the REST-Interface.

Quite easy, isn’t it?

Get in touch!

Most of my projects are pretty time consuming and I always try to provide some useful stuff to the community. What keeps me going for that is your feedback and your support. For that reason I would love to get some Feedback from you <3. Just contact me here on Steemit or ping me on GitHub.

If you want to stay up to date or just like the stuff I am doing it would be great if you could press the button below =).

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Thanks for reading and best regards,

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