The Yeti @freedompoint Co-Founder of @ghscollective

in #toronto5 years ago

My man. Here is one of the good guys of Steem. My friend the Yeti. @steemcafe at the Steem Creators Conference Toronto.

Steem Creators Conference & SMT Summit. April 10-14, 2019 Austin TX.

▶️ DTube

Two upstanding gentleman of Steem Creators. Great dialogue here I like the style as opposed to sit down. Good lighting as well 👍🏻

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This was wonderdul! I had such a great time at the Steem Creators Conference in Toronto. You guys @steemcafe and @larrymorrison did such a great job setting it up. This is going to continue to bring the communities together, and people excelling.

Short and Sweet. I agree with Yeti, having a creators conference is amazing and a genius idea, only I.J could come up with such :D Great Job Gents!

apnara kara?

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You got a 19.61% upvote from @steemcreators courtesy of @steemcafe!

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