When Teachers Go On Strike

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Hello. This short post is about teachers going on strike.

There was a recent start to a teacher strike in Toronto. I do not know the exact scenario or what the teachers want. However, I do know that in the Toronto area the public sector teachers are tax funded from taxpayers. Also, the conservative government in the province of Ontario has made education cuts (not sure how much) which has really angered public sector elementary and high school teachers. There have been massive protests from teachers and students in downtown Toronto.

My one friend who is also a mathematics and computer programming tutor has mentioned that according to a few of his student clients, one of the teachers taught three chapter units in mathematics all in one day compared to one unit in one day. Some of the (striking) teachers do not show up.


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Students Lose Out For Sure

I look back to my early childhood days growing up in Toronto. I do remember missing school and doing grade one/two homework at home because of teacher strikes. This concept of no school and teachers being on strike was quite weird to my grade one/two self.

When I look at this teacher strike now many years later, I think about the students losing out. It does not really matter who "wins" in the negotiations, the students are the ultimate losers. Students do not receive instruction nor service when the teachers are on strike, some units are taught faster than they should be, exams could be delayed and so on. The lost time while strikes are happening cannot be taken back.

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Thank you for reading.

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