Super Typhoon Jebi

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The Storm Jebi - Torah Code.

"Occur Ra-El" can also read as "Not Bad Ra-El"

Fading, Fading, Pitying,

The Storm Jebi.jpg

Ra as Immanuel (God is with us), Methusael (God's Man).

News Reports...


"Super Typhoon Jebi, a Category 5 powerhouse northwest of Guam, is the planet's most intense tropical cyclone of 2018 and will post another threat to parts of Japan next week, though not at its current intensity."

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Great, Thanks a lot.

Nice blog brother nice pictures oosssam

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Hitting land right now

Incredible mercy

Wow, that's amazing it's in the code!

Within the next 8 hours, we will see the destruction it causes...

The Lord is exercising mercy on them!

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