Secret Codes - King of Jews - Part 1

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Back in January 2014, I made some amazing discoveries when searching the Old Testament for hidden Torah Codes related to The Lord and his return to Earth. The one I’m showing in this article is part of my proudest discovery and the search term used was “King of Jews”.

“King of Jews” was the title given to Yeshua in the New Testament, first by the wise men from the east and then ultimately as an inscription made by the Romans which was displayed above him when he was crucified. It makes perfect sense that this title would be found in the hidden codes and reveal astonishing messages.

There were nine occurences in total, and I will show them all here on Steemit beginning with the first one. “King of Jews”, when reading the following letters of the main search term, extends to “King of Jews Upliften in Mug/Vessel Arrival Lord”:


RayEl’s name can be found twice in this one, one of which reads “Me RayEl”. The surrounding keywords are noteworthy as well, particularly “nationalization/collectivization”. It could be a reference to his people as a nation (with him as our King), or the fact that he’s been gathering his people together since his return in 2011. I think the latter is more likely, because of how relevant it is in our time when this code was discovered.

Matthew 24:31
“And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

Thanks to the technology of the Internet and social media it’s perfectly reasonable how someone can gather people together from all over the world for a common cause. It wasn’t that long ago when something like that was unimaginable. But that’s prophecy for you - most of the time it’s impossible to know how it’s going to unfold until it actually happens. That’s also the danger that most religious people are facing today. They risk missing out on salvation because they are so sure of how events will unfold that they can’t see it when it happens. Much like how Yeshua’s enemies argued against him 2000 years ago.

I made a video compiling these codes which you can view here:


This is going to be known by them as a self-evident fact soon, but in the meantime their arrogance putters along unfazed.

I am surprised Rabbi's have not taken this news to the chief Rabbi's by now. I mean really news that their redemption is here if they only repent and usher Lord RayEL in! If they only knew that this is coming from the founder and head of the Israelite priesthood!

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excellent article and so much evidence

Well written and the Torah-codes tell the truth

Very revealing!

Truly an amazing discovery, how can they continue to deny it!?

This is great and amazing! Thanks for sharing this because it truly reveals a lot!

Interesting codes, Its amazing that we're all written in the great book of life <3

This is a very beautiful code indeed. I still can remember those times when you first published this video, Brother. Incredible.

The Moshiach, Lord RayEl has arrived now. Time to recognise and accept him as the Moshiach.

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