Difficulties of Traditional Social media Platforms

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Difficulties of Traditional Social media Platforms
In spite of the wide utilization of social network platforms, such a large number of difficulties are experienced ordinarily by these clients. A portion of these issues including the issue of centralization, for example the Facebook ,the Whatsapp, the Instagram even the poplar Twitter are for the most part being claimed by few collection of business competitors, in that capacity, so much power is moved in the hands of only a couple of organizations.

In the interim, aside from the issue of centralization, the customary internet based life does not at all help clients' protection, security and is overwhelmed with all habits of irritating promotions. When we sign into online life, we basically have given over close to home information to applications structured explicitly to rub our own information, yet in addition the information of our contacts — all on the grounds that we are anxious for the dopamine hit we get from noting a senseless test.

The Solution
As said before in the introduction, Toqqn Platform is the world best web based life stage acquainted with put a last full-stop to the issues enrolled previously. The Toqqn Platform is a free, decentralized elective platformthat regards clients' security, and denies publicizing time. The stage has the mission of making a private and secure involvement for internet based life users — decentralizing client information however does not have the satisfactory innovation to accomplishing full decentralized framework, and this prompted blend of the two best ordinary and blockchain innovation.

Points of interest of Using Toqqn Platform
With Toqqn platform, clients' protection drops as a matter of course. The server contains no client's data which mean no information can be utilized for any type of promotion as it is observed the customary stages. The clients of the stage will appreciate a 100% advertisement free experience bolstered by offers of our crypto (TQN). Extra income to help the platform will originate from client expenses for our commercial center. Crypto to the People will get rewards focuses which can be traded for our crypto tokens. By this, anybody, paying little respect to money related standing can claim crypto by sharing substance on our platform.

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