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Our crypto token (toqqn) is an ERC20 compatible token (a subset of Ethereum.)
The ERC20 provides seamless integration with other decentralized applications on
Ethereum blockchain, as well as the integration of the Smart Contract. Strict limit of 1 billion
TQN will be created and it will never be increased. Listing and sharing
The application process will begin as soon as the fundraising is completed.

Total shipments: 1 billion tokens (never to be increased)
10% on the acquisition of financing - unsold tokens will be added to the reserve platform.
50% to distribute to users of the toqqn platform.
20% reserved for team
10% on marketing, rewards and advisors
10% reserve of the future development of the platform.


The Toqqn project is unusual in the sense that we only seek to raise the funds necessary for the development of the platform. We do not seek to raise funds in the millions and, therefore, only 10% of the total supply will be offered to investors.
We aim to raise only to cover the actual costs of the construction project. For us, the main purpose of Toqqn is to benefit our user base by decentralizing their data, and also to further adopt crypto as a payment system.
During the entire fundraising period, 100 million tokens (TQN) will be offered. The goal is to collect at least $ 100,000. Investors will be able to contribute to the project from the 1st week of November. Investors and supporters can provide TQN with BTC, ETH, PayPal and Payoneer.

Toqqn Price:

The initial cost of Toqqn during fundraising is $ 0.001. The price will increase over the week from 0.002 to 0.005. Investors will receive tokens within the 1st week after the fundraising ends. Later TQN can be used as a utility, buy a method of payment, sell services on the market, which is included in Phase 3 of the project.

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